Blessings: App Description Can Be Modified Again

app description can be modified again Apple made a change on iTunes Connect on March 9th, both the app description and “What’s new” fields can not be modified. There are suppositions as follows.

  • Apple will grant more weigh on app description into Apple algorithm.
  • Apple will strengthen the supervision against the misconduct that hiding information at risks to be rejected in review and revise after the approval.
  • Make adjustments to launch Search Ads.

However, one day later, Apple unlocked those 2 parts which can be modified and the content can be saved.

What a blessing for those who are prone to add the promotion information in the app description and add new functions in “What’s new” field. Besides, there is no need to wait for updating apps to make revisions in the app description field after the approval.

No matter what is the reason behind this change, the better fit is to focus on Apple’s actions. There is a reason for every change in iTunes Connect except for a contingency. Besides, Apple’s spring press event is coming. As usual, Apple will make some adjustments before and after the press event.

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