What Should You Do Once Your App Is Removed from Apple Top Charts?

For the newly launched app, there is a huge challenge for developers to confront such problems: delayed review, multiple refusals, off-shelf, keywords removal. Imagine your app ranking lists in top 200 in the App Store, one day later, your app just drops out of the ranking. This might be the last thing developers want to face.

Recently, Apple takes action to disqualify tens of apps’ ranking in the App Store. Some suggest that Apple tends to warn those over-active developers in the recent period.

What Should You Do Once Your App Is Removed from Apple Top Charts

What can you do next?

The first and foremost thing that you should do is contacting with Apple as soon as possible.

  • Check iTunes Connect and developer e-mail box to make sure whether Apple has sent you the relevant messages or e-mails. Apple will take action before informing, it is possible that Apple will send your notice or e-mails one day later. If there is one, read the reasons carefully and send a reply with convincing and adequate evidence as soon as possible.
  • If there is no notice and you are pretty sure with no irregularity, make a call to Apple for complaints with no hesitation. Or you can wait for recovering.
  • If there is the plan B, it is time to take action. Submit your alternative app or a new one to avoid further traffic loss. Another try is to update and upgrade your app, adjust new version of app keywords.


As we mentioned before, there is a reason behind changes Apple made in the App Store. The save fit is to pay attention to such changes. If Apple removes your app from Top Charts, it is time to take actions to save your app ranking. The better fit is to take a look at the Apple Review Guidelines before your app submission.

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