The Ultimate Mobile App Marketing Strategies 2016

After sharing some app promotion tips, app optimization methods and some other helpful strategies, we list several of the ultimate app marketing strategies today. There are many kinds of factors affecting an app whether it will success or not. Now, go on reading to learn how to market your app and make it a success.

How to run app marketing strategies?

How to run app marketing strategiesBefore launching an app, the app needs to so some search related to it. After your app gets published in App Store, it will rank beyond far in App Store search results. At this moment, you need to try methods to market it. Let us check the marketing strategies as following to boost app in app market.

Press Release before launching

The most direct way to make your app famous in public and reach out to all media is Press Release! However, there are some differences between press release before item launching and an official app launch press release. The more details should be related to “Why” your app does, instead of “What” is your app about. The main goal is to lead users to know how your app can solve a problem and how it’s going to stand out in the App Store.

Engage potential users before publishing

Expose your app any places you can and make your potential app users know what is your app going to be a part of in their life. And encourage them to offer their feedback or ideas about your app and finally become the fans of your app. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram would be the suitable places for you to advertise your app features.

Take use of email marketing

Email marketing is a direct way to approach the users who will be your app users. Email marketing is powerful, but always, it will lead a broader audience and some of them are not interested in apps or your apps. Your email audience would be normal persons and send you feedback.

No overestimating international market

app marketing strategies - international marketAs we know, there are many Stores for app all over the world. With a wider range, apps can be marketed on in international market to expand the sales. There is no need to publish the app into all Stores as you want. You have to make the research who will like your app and which language is more popular. If your app is category in trending in American countries, but you create a Korean version. Of course, this will not make sense.

Start blogging

Many publishers will ignore the importance of blog. In fact, it will help users to know your app with words on webpage. To start a blog is to show app key features, growing fans and continuous progress of the app. It is easy to start a blog, you can create one easily with WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

Continuous promotion

No mater what is an app about or how strong the team is, it is a long journey to promote an app. Developing a high quality app is essential on the way to app retention battle. Then, keep developing new features to meet the demands of users and trying more promotion methods to strength longer users retention. It would help app more if you already got significant user base.

Refine marketing strategies

For App Marketing Strategies, we are unable to list all in one post. But we will try our best to help publishers to rank app higher, more positive reviews and boost in the market with huge sales. For our service, will help app a lot on Keyword Optimization and rank app higher in App Store search results.

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