Best Mobile App Promotion Strategies 2016

best app promotion strategies imageMany developers develop creative and high quality mobile apps, but most of them are unsure about how to reach users in global market. The first thing to know is that promoting a mobile app to target persons and markets. In this guide, we focus on the app promotion strategies which are different from app optimization strategies we mentioned before.

Let us get forward to the following tips to help your app utilize international business expansion.

Market app website

While you may pay more attention to develop app or update now and then, don’t forget to create and market website for your app. It is something like SEO for webpage. This website should be designed to describe your app, which will benefit you without the limitations that App Store place in terms of characters and keywords. Your site does not need to be complex. It just needs a simple one-page website with:

  • a few main keywords relevant to apps
  • correct language for markets you want most
  • a standing-out button that prompts the user to download.

Simple app webpage will not take you much time to create and users can approach it easily. These methods are detects for developers who are trying app promotion strategies first time. It will test interaction and engagement from users in other countries, including website traffic and conversion rates via your site download button.

Online App Promotion Strategies

After creating a landing page for your app, you need to do some online app promotion strategies to promote your app online to let more people know you. You can also use some of the following methods to promote your website.

Social media networks

best app promotion strategies - social media networksHaving a Facebook Page for your app is a must-have where you can ask them how they like your app designs and features and any get feedbacks. Also, you can share any news about your app, etc. However, remember not to make your posts only about your app, though. That is boring. It’s like talking to someone at a party who only talks about themselves.

Link your blog/webpage to your Google+ account, even if it’s just for that great picture it displays in search results. Other social networks like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are also useful.


This will lead huge impact on app promotion. If you are serious about building apps with similar target audience, you have a huge opportunity for cross-promotion on your app website and social media, etc. But if you only have one app, you can reach out to other developers with apps partnership. You can exchange app installs and reviews with each other.

Paid Ads

Paid advertising is becoming an increasingly vital part of app marketing. The good thing is that ad networks are still affordable to most app marketers. You can create ads on Facebook, as it is a kind of way to get more users. However, there are not so targeted audience as all the users on Facebook will not need your app.

Show ads on specific ad networks to get targeted audience. You have chance to choose CPM, CPC, CPI or other ad payment methods. Every ad type has different results with varied prices.

Experience App Store Optimization

Doing app store optimization to optimize your app in app stores is also one of the best app promotion strategies, which also requires time and energy. Now, read the following parts to learn how to optimize an app in app stores to get better ranking.

Get high rating and positive reviews

best app promotion strategies - get positive reviewsThere are 2 methods you can gain reviews for your app. One is to post app on some review websites, then you can leave reviews and ask others to leave as well. But this way only can make app popular in website. Reviews will not show in App Store below your app.

Another way is to gain app reviews in Store. Review provider BestReviewApp specializes in organic iOS, Android and Mac app reviews from real users all over the world. Users will install the app, then play it, and leave 4-5 star rating and positive reviews. With this method, app will drive more potential users as app ranks higher.

Keyword optimization

One of the most essential methods to promote an app is to rank it higher in App Store search results. Potential users will prefer to install the app within top 10. When an user is trying to type words he needs, he will see many suggestions in search bar. This means the keyword related to your app occupies vital part to make your app found.

Professional keyword optimization service ASOtop1 guides the iPhone users to search your app and provide you with keyword search, install, play and longer app utilization.

Stay enthusiastic

It is not easy to boost one app in App Store. Keep your patience and try any methods. Hope our app promotion strategies help you a lot on app promotion. If you need any other App Store Optimization tips, please check our blog or contact us to get suggestions freely.

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