4 Major Factors That Influence App Rank Boosting

With more than 1000 apps being dispatched each day, app developers are experiencing many difficulties in ranking their apps well in the App Store or Google Play. In this guide, we intend to analyze the 4 major factors that influence app rank boosting to help your app top the app charts. Each of these factors have turned out to be quite important for both iOS and Android app developers.

App Store Optimization

app rank boosting app store optimizationApp Store Optimization, or ASO for short,plays a key role in boosting app ranking, because an optimized app is often favored by potential users. Therefore, we recommend that you do App Store Optimization for your app from the following aspects.

Optimize the Icon

It is often the app icon that leaps into the an user’s eyes first. Therefore, to ensure that your app leaves a good impression on potential users, you should create a simple but eye-catching icon. Another thing needs to be stressed is – never clutter too much text on your icon.

Optimize the App Title

The title of your app should be creative, readable, short and clear. We know this is quite challenging, but it is what users are looking for. Besides, we suggest you control the length of your title, because the title will be truncated if it contains more than 23 characters.

Optimize the App Description

The description should convey the most important message of your app in a nutshell, rather than at great length. Also, don’t forget to add keywords in the description to increase chances of being found by users.

Optimize the Screenshots

The number of screenshots is limited by both App Store and Google Play. Usually, users can only see the first 3 screenshots because the rest of the screenshots is folded. Users can click the “more” button to see the folded ones. However, most users feel bothered to do so. Our recommendation is that you put the most important information in the first 3 screenshots.

Ratings and Reviews

app rank boosting ratings and reviewsRatings and reviews are also regarded as one of the 4 factors that affect app rank boosting. The more ratings and reviews your app has, the more chances your app gets to top the app charts. Therefore, you can refer to the following ways to get ratings and reviews from users.

Set a Review Plugin

When users open your app, the plugin pops up and invites users to review and rate. Users have three options – Yes, rate my app; Remind me later; No, thanks. However, you should time the prompt and make it appear at the appropriate time.

Run a Contest

You can run a contest on various forums and social medias to motivate users to rate and review. You can reward winners with coupons, real cash or giveaways. One thing needs to be highlighted is – you should assure that the contest is fair from the beginning to the ending.

Buy Ratings and Reviews

You can buy app ratings and reviews from professional companies online. But you should pay attention to one thing – there are lots of companies using bots to rate and review for your app, which is very dangerous. You should assure that these companies have genuine users to do the job before you place an order.

Traffic and Downloads

The third factor that plays a decisive role in affecting app rank boosting is traffic and downloads. We advise you to do the following things.

Hire Professional Companies

We know that it is uneasy to get traffic and downloads, especially for a new app, so we recommend that you buy them from a service provider, like ASOTOP1. If you are interested in this, you can go to the official site to get more details.

Build a Website

Your app only gets limited space for publicity in the Apple Store or the Google Play, but things are quite different if your app has a website, for you get unlimited space to popularize your app on the website.

Make a Video

app rank boosting making a videoA video with only 30 seconds can express what 4000-word description can’t. So, create a sophisticated video to make a big difference.

Engagement and Retention

Engagement and retention influence app rank boosting too. To get people engaged in your app, you can:

Make a Real Good App

Users cherish a real good app much and tend to keep using it, for they can get many benefits from it. Therefore, you should make your app better functioned so that the retention rates will stay high.

Improve Customer Service

To let users engage in your app, you should invite them to participate in the discussion, exchange ideas and listen to them. As a result, they keep using your app and even introduce it to their families and friends, which in return influences app ranking.


Although there are many other factors that influence app rank boosting, these 4 factors are considered most by many app developers. We believe that after our analyzing, you will develop a better understanding of how to boost app ranking and top your app to the app charts!

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