What Is App Search Optimization?

We know that as an app developer, your ultimate goal is to rush your app into the top charts, gain more users, and then of course create considerable revenues. However, with your own efforts, although you do develop a real good app, still you need to master some app promotion strategies and apply them to your app. In this post, we will illustrate one of the app marketing skills – app search optimization to you.

app search optimizationWhat is app search optimization

Generally speaking, it is a process of optimizing your app to make it more visible and discoverable so that users are more likely to choose it from millions of other apps. To be specifically, it optimize your app from the followings aspects:

Keywords search optimization

This is a process of searching, analyzing and finally picking the best keywords to reach potential users and drive more traffic and downloads to your app. Basic requirements for optimal keywords are – relate to the app; bring high traffic; reduce competition. However, if you know little about the app market, it is uneasy to pick right keywords that contribute to app ranking. As for this, you can refer to the following tips to do keywords optimization:

⦁ choose keywords that are popular among users, which helps to gain a large user base;

⦁ replace spaces with commas, for spaces and commas are both counted as separators, so you can use commas only to save more spaces;

⦁ cut connectors and stop words. Words like a, the, and, of occupy many spaces but make little significance for your keywords.

⦁ don’t repeat keywords, for it only makes your keywords redundant, so make your keywords short and concise.

⦁ Keep track of the keywords you pick. Keywords search optimization is a everlasting process, so you should spy on the keywords you pick all the times and adjust them appropriately.

app search optimization-description optimizationDescription search optimization

A good description helps to boost your app’s ranking too. In order to tout their apps to users, some app developers tend to stuff all relevant keywords into the description at length. This is completely unnecessary and helpless for app searching! For one thing, both the App Store and the Google Play set clear restrictions on the length of description, which means that the exceeded parts will be folded. For another thing, users are tired of wordy descriptions.

Therefore, you should:

⦁ incorporate relevant keywords into the description;

⦁ explain the main purpose of your app;

⦁ control the length within 125 characters;

⦁ make it compelling and readable.

Reviews and ratings

app search optimization-ratings and reviewsNo one, including you, cannot ensure the quantity and quality of ratings and reviews your app gets. To market your app successfully, you need to optimize app ratings and reviews too, for they to a large extent influence your app ranking and numbers of downloads and installation. So, try to get high ratings and good reviews from users. To do this, you can:

⦁ build a website for your app to attract users;

⦁ run a contest to motivate people to rate and review;

⦁ incentivize users to leave feedback;

⦁ buy 4/5-star ratings and good reviews

Language localization

Language difference is sometimes regarded as an obstacle when users get to know a new app. To better attract and serve your customers, you need to localize the language for them, which increases the chances of being found and loved by users.

Icon optimization

A well-designed app icon often leaves a deep impression on users. App search optimization helps to improve the icon and make sure that it meet the following requirements:

⦁ it doesn’t infringe upon any other icons;

⦁ it contains no illegal contents;

⦁ it is appealing and attractive.

⦁ its size conforms to the requirement of App Store or Google Play;

App title optimization

app search optimization-title optimizationApp title affects search results, too. Therefore, you should:

⦁ add keywords in your title;

⦁ create attractive and readable title to entice users.

⦁ control the title length, for words after the 23rd character (including spaces) in the App Store will be folded;

Screenshots optimization

If you what users discover your app when they are searching on the search box, then screenshots optimization is a must. The following 3 aspects are considered in app search optimization:

⦁ clear and attractive;

⦁ convey the core concept of your app.

⦁ Put the most important information in the first 3 screenshots;


App search optimization plays a decisive part in boosting app ranking and wining users. Once your app is well optimized, users are more likely to find it while they search for new apps. But it you are not good at this skill, you might screw it up. Instead you can hire a trusted and professional app promotion company to assist you.

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