App Store Keyword Optimization Strategies

For app developers, right keywords and efficient keyword optimization play an essential role in apps’ success. Many developers devoted themselves to developing a new app, while neglected the ASO, not to mention the keyword optimization. Then when they launched their apps, they finally recognize the importance of app store keyword optimization. For now, many apps have settled down on App Store, thus, developers have to make their apps stand out. Here, we will illustrate several aspects on keyword optimization to facilitate app developers.

The Importance of App Store Keywords Optimization

In App Store, the already existing millions of apps face keen competition. However, the hardly-found apps are useless if they fail to be located by customers through app store keywords. Reliable statistics show that 63% downloads occurred after customers search the keywords and find their favored apps. Many app developers do not get their expected success, losing their competitiveness owning to that they nearly spent no time on optimizing their apps’ keywords.

importance of app store keyword optimizationIn addition, the developers should bear in mind that keywords optimization can increase their apps ranking, improve apps visibility in App Store and achieve the targeted financial purpose. Thus, we can figure out that keyword optimization is the key and magic point to assure the success of an app. It is critical to add keywords in app title, description and anywhere possible.

3 Factors Affecting Keywords Optimization

Before you select which keywords to use in your app’s keyword list, the first thing you should know is to evaluate keywords from the following factors affecting keyword optimization.


The search algorithms of Apple App Store and other Apple Stores still need to be improved, so the app developers must make sure that the chosen keywords are highly relevant to your apps. Only in this way, can your apps be found and gain downloads. Popular as they are, those keywords irrelevant to your app’s features can not attract customers.


Many app developers often prioritize keywords’ traffic over difficulty, however, this idea is totally wrong. A keyword used by many developers faces a rat race. If you can not promise that your app can rank in the top 50 through some keywords, then, you should replace them with a different keyword to reduce competition.


The traffic of a keyword identifies the number of customers who search for their apps in the App Store. If you are hesitating to choose which one should be the keyword, you should take the traffic into consideration.

How to Find the Most Proper Keywords

As you have known the mentioned three factors, then the following question comes:how to find the most proper keywords.

Know Yourselves First

app store keyword optimazation - find keywordsThe most proper keywords come after the app developers have a clear understanding of their own apps. You should find out the functions, features as well market position. Having grasped these information, then brainstorm the possible keywords that are appealing enough for customers.

Analyze Competitors’ Keywords

A clear understanding will picture who your targeted customers are and who you are rivaling with. Analyzing your competitors’ keywords can make you know what are the most-used keywords, inspire you and help you avoid the potential traps. Then you need to do is finding competitive keywords to optimize your apps.

Seek Professional Help from ASO Companies

There are many companies dedicated to app store keyword optimization. You can seek professional help from them. For example, ASOTop1 provides you free analyses on your keywords with skilled talents. The professional help can help you choose the most proper keywords and gain success in optimization.

Ask People Directly

Your friends and families use different apps everyday, so it is also a wise way to directly ask people what keywords they would search when they intend to download an app. Many developers neglect this method for some reasons. You can do it right now without any doubt. Or you can do a survey or questionnaire to first-hand information about your most proper keywords.

How to Conduct App Store Keyword Optimization

The following strategies guide you on how to conduct app store keyword optimization.

Choose Proper Keywords

Proper keywords are the prerequisite of successful keyword optimization. Try to make your keywords popular, unique and appealing enough for customers.

Add Keywords in Title and Reviews

Aapp store keyword optimization - choose keywordsdding keywords in your title can benefit more than you think, and this is what most developers do. But most developers do not know that they can add keywords in reviews to impress the potential customers.

Use Commas Instead of Spaces

Some developers use both spaces and commas to separate different keywords, which is completely unnecessary. The App Store algorithm counts both spaces and commas. So next time you should use only commas to separate keywords.

Optimize Keywords by Websites

ASOTop1 provides reliable app store keyword optimization service. The professional workers can analyze your product and optimize your apps in the way your expected. In this way, your app can increase downloads and enjoy popularity. Many successful cases can prove it’s ability and responsibility.

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