Best App Store Optimization Tips 2016

ASO aims at improving a mobile app’s visibility in an App Store. With this method, an app will rank as higher as possible in search results through approximate optimization of title, keywords, icon, etc. In this post, we listed the most useful and best recommended app store optimization tips to teach people how to improve their app ranking and downloads.

For app owners, App Store Optimization is extremely important. In order to rank an app top in App Store search results, app developers will have to focus on an outline of the most important factors that can impact app store ranking. Once there was a research reporting, up to 63% apps are found by keyword search. That’s why App Store Optimization comes in, making it as easy and possible for potential users to find and install your app.

Factors Affecting ASO

App store optimization tips - affecting factorsThere are many factors affecting ASO, to do ASO work, you first need to know what are affecting it. Factors mainly include on-page factors and off-page factors. Read the following to learn details:

  • On-Page Factors : app name/title, app description, keywords & app icon
  • Off-Page Factors: CTR, usage weights, discard rates, downloads, reviews & downloads

Optimize App Title

The app name should be special, unique, and related to the app content. Also, no matter in the app name or subtitle, keyword you want to optimize should be contained. Keyword in the title seems to be one of the most important relevance signals. Currently, it is not clear whether it is a direct signal (keywords means higher ranking) or an analogous one (keywords results in higher click-through rates). Don’t make the app name/title be too long or too short.

Optimize App Description

Appropriate keywords should also be used within the body description. As we know, most potential users only see the first five lines when browsing an app page on phones or tablets. Once the app description is attractive for users, they will click the “More” button to view the rest of the description content. Therefore, make full use of first three lines to really catch their attention and interest. Besides, focus on natural incorporation of keywords in the title and description content.

Optimize Keywords

App store optimization tips - optimize keywordsKeywords are the words while a potential user types in search bar to find your app. They have a huge impact(bad or good) on your app’s search rank, exposure and visibility. Generally speaking, keywords should be featured in app name/title, app description and keyword field. App names contain keywords have 10.7% higher ranking than those do not contain. The keywords in your title will get the most search traffic. Remember to select the keywords with two factors in mind: traffic and ranking.

Optimize App Icon

Your app icon is the first impression for the users who will be attracted by your app with first sight. Successful apps focus on optimizing their app icons before launching to the App Store. You can do this by testing out various designs on mobile advertising networks and measuring how potential app users react to different versions there.

You should design the app icon to be eye-catching, compelling for users to either download the app or learn more via the description and screenshots.

Optimize App Screenshots

When promoting apps, developers need to upload their app screenshots to App Store and Google Play to show what their apps look like and how they work. Attractive app screenshots will help app get better first impression on users. Good app screenshots will make the app featured and more visible in App Store. Therefore, right image dimensions and high definition is necessary when optimize an app and optimizing app screenshots is another app store optimization tip.

App Store Optimization Tips on Off-page Factors

  • CTR: Make higher click-through rate when served in a higher position.
  • Usage Weights: Get used to making conversion optimization techniques and push notifications to users. This way aims at ensuring more prolific usage of the application.
  • Discard Rates: Try to make the app longer retention on users’ devices.
  • Downloads: You are unable to control who will install your app but you can spread your app through email and social media integration. It will give your users deep impression and will share, like, and follow.
  • Reviews: Invite users to review the app. A simple push with the notification to rate and review your app can give your app users a platform to evangelize the product. You can also buy app reviews from real users at BestReviewApp.
  • App Updates: Do not update app frequently as users will be annoyed. Unless it is continuing to create new features and optimize for new OS releases, you had better keep it as before.

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