What Is App Store SEO?

For app developers, you need to admit that getting your application discovered on the App Store and Google Play is a huge challenge. Generally, the app store browsing is the most common way to make apps discovered. Thus, App Store SEO is a must for developers to make their apps get noticed in the crowded App Store marketplace. Here, we illustrate the App Store SEO from the following three aspects.

What is App Store SEO?

The importance of App Store SEO is beyond any doubt. First, there are a variety of ways, such as TV, Newspaper, friends and websites, for customers to discover new apps. However, most people choose App Store as their main channel. Second, when customers browse the App Store, millions of apps are waiting for them to sort through and be chosen, which gives the developers enough reason to nail their apps down the top 20 or 50 positions on the App Store.

App Store SEO is a process of improving the visibilityapp store SEO of mobile apps and ranking on App Store through possible tactics. The higher your app ranks on App Store, the more visible it is to potential customers. Then the increased app visibility will lead to more traffic to your app’s page on App Store. The ultimate goal of App Store SEO is to increase the downloads of your app and make your app enjoy wider popularity on App Store.

Compared with other promotion means, App Store SEO is the best choice for you to gain app exposure. This method can attract a larger number of users, boost app downloads, dramatically increase revenue and achieve a complete success of your app. When we are involving with App Store SEO, we need to have a deep understanding of your target and potential customer base to guarantee a successful work.

Factors Affecting App Store SEO

App Store SEO needs to apply many tactics, thus before we get to know the useful measures of it, we need to highlight its core factors affecting in general:

App Name

The app name for the ranking of the app is just like the title for a website. We can not deny that the app name is one of the biggest factors affecting the app’s ranking. However, the app name is hard to modify once fixed. After the iOS 11 published, the characters of app name are limited into 30. It gives app developers less chance to add main keywords in this part, which means the Apple focus more the quality of an app. Thus, you have to pay attention to improve your app content to boost app ranking on App Store.

KeywordsApp Store SEO - keywords

Keywords identify the features and functions of your app, making it a crucial piece of your marketing plan. When you learn more about the keywords used by your potential customers, you will have a better understanding of the language habits of your potential customers and refine your keywords. Also, the more keywords your app cover, the higher ranking your app will get. This is because the keywords cover rate of your app have a huge impact on app ranking on App Store. Once people search the keywords that your app covered, your app will appear on the top list in the result. Therefore, the installs will be increased in return.

The Description of App

The description matters a lot because when users notice your app on the page of search results through keywords, it is the key factor that decides whether they want to click on your app page. Also, the first three lines of description are very important. Because the Apple just show these lines for users to introduce the functions and features of your app. However, the iOS11 decreases the authority of description. You also need to spare your best efforts to create a great description to attract more potential users. After all, creating a good user base is more important than other methods.

The App Icons

The icons for an app is just like the appearance of a person. A beautiful and catchy icon can deeply impress the customers. Most users like the simple and clear icon of an app, which requires you to create a decent and attractive icon to get more new users. If your app icon can leave an unforgettable impression for users, which proves you have succeeded.

The Screenshots and Video

app store seo videoThe screenshots and user videos illustrate your app from a different perspective and provide more detail information about your app. Indeed, the screenshots and video are essential parts to learn about an app visually. Proper Screenshots and simple user video make your app more attractive for customers. While, you have to control the times of video in 30 seconds. Otherwise, the users will feel boring and not install your app.

User Reviews

Reviews from users who have already experienced your app serve as a mirror of apps, and the good points and shortcomings will be unmercifully reflected by these reviews. The good reviews will make people feel more confident to download your app. And all the apps having a higher ranking on App Store have more positive reviews and high ratings. In order to get app reviews, improving app’s quality is the core task for developers to carry out. In addition, buying app reviews from a reliable provider is also a recommended method to try.

The Downloads

Most developers use the method of increasing app downloads to boost the app ranking. High downloads can persuade more potential customers to download your app. But, how to increase app downloads? Actually, if you optimize all the factors mentioned above, you will get increasing downloads in a short time.

The Retention Rate of Users

For every developer, high-quality products and high retention rate of users are the ultimate targets if they want to get the final success of their apps. Also, the Apple will give a higher ranking to these apps that have a high retention rate.

The Social NetworkApp Store SEO - social network

We do not need to waste any words on showing how powerful the social network is. A good app can spread fast through the recommendation of friends, families and influential people. The app’s reputation gained in the social network is the best advertisement. Of course, the Apple would like to give a higher ranking to these apps.

How to Carry out App Store SEO

As we have already known the factors affecting App Store SEO, we can propose and adopt practical measures to make it a success.

Make your App Name Short and Clear

App name should be as short as possible so that searchers can read it in one glance.

Nothing kills searchers’ curiosity for your app more than a lengthy name. Customers get truncated because it’s too long. What’s more, we should also bear in mind that clearness of your app name is important.

Choose Effective Keywords

app store seo keywordsTo choose effective keywords, you need to constantly track your own keywords and the movements of your competitors. All of these things take time and effort. A service provider such as ASOTop1 is advised to analyze your keywords and choose better keywords for you.

Proper Description of App

App description consists of two parts: above the fold and below the fold. Most of the users on app store only focus their eyes on the “above the fold” part, thus we need to properly explain the function of your app with 2 to 3 sentences.

High-quality Reviews and Ratings of Customers

There are many methods to get app reviews. You can get app reviews from your friends and relatives. Also, incentivizing users to leave their positive app reviews is also an effective way. In addition, just we mentioned above, developers can buy good reviews with high ratings to beautify your app’s page and attract more users.

Buy App Downloads

Developers can also buy app downloads from a reliable provider to boost your app ranking on App Store. When buying app downloads, developers should make sure that the accounts used by service providers must be real, and the retention rate of the downloads should be kept at 2 to 3 days at least.


App Store SEO plays an important role in the success of your app. To carry out it are crucial steps toward popularity of your app, you need to have a clear definition, understanding the factors affecting it and bearing in mind the useful measures. We hope that this paper can really help in this field.

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