Ups and Downs of Over 4 Million Mobile Apps in 2016

We witnessed the mobile internet industry gradually tended to be rational, and practitioners reexamined the whole internet industry in 2016. Although the vigorous mass campaign-“change the world” of mobile entrepreneurship didn’t fade away, developers have long-term visions in broader field from the data. Now, let’s have a look.

Ups and Downs of Over 4 Million Mobile Apps

Overview of the global mobile app market data

Because the retention of Android system became further expand, the amount of the third quarter reached 87.5%, however, the market share of iOS reduced to 13.6%. According to the data from a certain ASO platform, the amount of the apps both went up in the two applications market, online app amount in App Store has been increased 268,200 and the online amount in Google Play has been increased 545,700, which amount is double of App Store.

Just look at App Store, from the statistics of the two dimensions – the supply of the developers and the demand of users. Both develops and users pay lots of attention on the three parts: games, life and entertainment. In terms of total volume, apart from games, among the whole App store, business and education are the largest parts among all apps, but among the user requirements, they are respectively ranked at 9 and 14 in the charts. This shows supply exceeded demand and the market is relatively saturated. Also, the market is very competitive. On the other hand, categories of finance and tool showed demand exceeded supply. These 2 categories are ranked at top 2 in the demand charts, but from the amount, they are respectively ranked at 6 and 11.

The most notable industry in 2016

We have learned the details of these app categories: Photo & Video, Travel, Education, Game and some other phenomenon mobile application categories and made a summary as the following.

  • Video: There are more than 500 video apps available in the App Store,which is025% of the whole amount.
  • Travel:From the Chinese App Store, DIDI purchased Uber and shared bikes instantly detonated, which constantly refresh the new record of industry financing.
  • Knowledge: This categorybecame extremely popular as soon as it came into the industry, however, with the same products emerging, defects of Knowledge apps For example, it overly depended on the fan economy.
  • Games:Total value of global game market in 2016 is up to 99.6 billion dollars, and the annual growth rate was 8.5%. The mobile games accounts 37% in the game market, which values 9 billion dollars. The annual growth rate of mobile app games was 22.6%. Moreover, China surpassed the United States to become the biggest game market with 24.4 billion dollars in the world.

What should we do in 2017?

  • Subdivide the field. In order to help users to make full use of the fragmentary time,we can develop some apps that offer paid audio.
  • Permeate the industry and audience. We should get into more traditional industries, which can help us promote capacity upgrade and covermore diverse audience.
  • Globalization.Analysis the market data of applications, games, developed areas and developing countries.

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