Breaking News: Apple Begins to Reject Apps with “Hot Code Push”

As we mentioned before the reasons behind app rejections from Apple review team. Recently, many iOS developers received a warning e-mail from Apple which remains a hot topic in GitHub, the possible reason is scripting languages containing codes of JSPatch, Weex and React Native.

Apple Begins to Reject Apps with "Hot Code Push"

For developers, JSPatch, Weex and React Native are hotfix techniques which allow to solve app bugs quickly without re-submitting to Apple review team. On one hand, such techniques violate the provisions of Apple Developer Program License Agreement. On the other hand, it will be a potential security risk for app users for which is also available to hackers.

Fortunately, Apple only sends warning emails rather than off-shelf. It’s time to make changes to avoid your app at risk. First, check your e-mails whether you get a warning one, at the same time, delete scripting languages in above codes.

If your app stays in review for days or received a rejection from Apple, the possible reasons are clear now. It’s better to delete scripting languages with above codes for apps to submit or already be rejected. One thing for developers to keep in mind is to avoid the major reasons of rejections: app title, support URL, and similar apps.


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