Apple Shows Search Ads in Their App Store

Recently, Apple began introducing some changes to their app store. One of the significant changes that Apple has made is the inclusion of ads that show on top of the search listings. This capability was first introduced in iOS 10 when the OS was still in its beta testing stage. But now it seems that Apple has taken app store search marketing to the next level. This marketing opportunity is now opened to all developers across the board.

Apple has instructions on how and why developers should purchase ads

app store search adsThe company has a dedicated webpage whose job is to guide developers through the process of purchasing search ads. On top of this, the page educates developers on why they should consider buying search ads for purposes of marketing their apps.

Apple now estimates that 65% of app downloads taking place at the store come from search results. For this reason, putting an app on top of the search results makes better business sense. It works just like Google ads which are shown on top of the search results whenever users search for specific keywords in the search engine.

In addition to that, the company also touts the new idea based on how easy it is to get started with the search ads. They state that the ads can be set up in just a few simple steps, and that developers will have full control over the ads. Finally, the company says that the search ads offer stringent privacy as well as content control. What this means for developers is that the content should be safe for everyone.

But there is also this very important incentive that Apple is giving to developers. It’s called search ads credit, and it gives every developer a chance to try out the feature to see how well it works. For $100 worth of search ad credits, one can test out the feature to see how effective it is when it comes to marketing apps.

The real benefits of using search ads

The theory behind the use of Apple search ads is very sensible. By offering search ads, small developers with worthwhile apps can now compete fairly with the big boys without breaking a sweat. It boosts their chances of being seeing by potential users, and this is a good thing.

What critics are saying

Critics claim that the ads seem to be copying the idea of the original app that the searcher intends to download. For instance, when a user searches for Pokémon Go, the same user will be served with an ad showing similar apps that copy the same idea as Pokémon Go. These ads are not bringing anything new to the table. Other searches also seem to show ads that hijack popular search terms with the ”me-too” mentality.

Apple has said that they are taking the necessary steps to deliver ads that are relevant, while respecting user privacy. However, it is still not clear the level of vetting that takes place during the process of serving these ads. So users can only wait and see if the service will get better as far as App Store search marketing is concerned.

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