ASOTop1 Released Limited Coupon Codes to Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

ASOTop1 Released Coupon CodesTo celebrate Dragon Boat Festival which is a Chinese traditional festival, ASOTop1 released limited coupon codes. There are a total of 100 coupon codes, each of which values $40 and will expire at July 9, 2016. Therefore, app developers who get these coupon codes need to use it before the deadline.

To claim these coupon codes, app developers need to land on our official site and contact our support team via sending an email to or sending a message via Skype to Skype ID: business_128. These coupon codes are also available for exsiting ASOTop1 customers. After getting the coupon code, enter it when you are creating an order, then you are asked to pay $40 less. Remember to use these coupon codes before the deadline, or they will be unavailable.

As for people who miss these coupon code for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival and have never used ASOTop1 app store optimization service, they can also get a $20 coupon code when they submit their first order at ASOTop1. Therefore, people who choose ASOTop1 app store optimization service to promote apps can get at least $20 discount.

About ASOTop1

ASOTop1 is an app store optimization service provider, dedicated to boost apps to top via keyword search optimization. Since its establishment, this company has helped increase thousands of apps’ ranking and been trusted by a great number of app developers.

Each ASO expert at our company has at least 5 years of ASO experience, so they can give their professional advice on each app. In addition to app store optimization, ASOTop1 also gives app developers many ideas on app promotion, app creating and app optimizing.

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