How to Avoid App Rejections When Submitting Your App 

avoid app rejectionsWhen submitting an app, it is definitely necessary for you to be familiar with some requirements of the Apple’s Review Process so as to avoid app rejections. Whether the app you submitted will be rejected or not will directly influence the prospects of your app. Here shows some suggestions about how to get your app approved from the Apple’s review.

Eliminate Crashes and Bugs

Before you submit an app, do make sure that all the crashes and bugs of your app have been fixed. Apple is known for its high and strict selective review process, and nearly gives no considerations to these apps that fail to meet the basic requirements. Therefore, what you should do is patching the holes and bugs to avoid app rejections before submitting your app.

Make Interesting Contents

Apple requires that the content of your app should be interesting in order to entice potent users to download and install it. If the content of your app cannot attract the reviewers, it is impossible that your app will pass the review process, let alone lives in the app store and gain users. As Apple said, what they need is an app that can energize its users instead of making them sleeping and feeling exhausted. Add creativity to your app and endow it with original features so as to avoid app rejections.

Avoid Incomplete Information

When submitting your app, you’d better provide the reviewers complete and real information as possible as you can. Incomplete information might cause confusions to the reviewers, and even lead to misunderstanding of the app. In light of that, your app might be rejected, so prepare all the information and materials needed for the review.

Improve Your Apps Design and layout

avoid app rejections - improve designYou need to ensure that the design and layout of your app are simple, refined and creative to increase the chances of approval from the app reviewers. You have to be aware that Apple enjoys a high reputation in its distinctive and concise designs of its products, so you should try to abide by the rules. Also, make the layout of your app logical, convenient and polished, which is of great significance too.

Give Credits for What you’ve Lent from others

It is the exclusive right for the original creator to use his works or inventions without crediting. However, if you want to use the things of the protected 3rd party, always give credits for them and  try to be authorized by the owners, which can avoid infringements. With this requirement being met, the Apple reviewers will not reject your app out of this reason.

Warn for inappropriate Contents

It is often the developers’ responsibility to assign appropriate ratings to their apps. Sometimes, your app might contain several sensitive contents that must be warned and reflected to the Apple.  Be honest and frank, and offer details about these contents. Otherwise, it is very possible that your app will be rejected.

Never use Apple’s registered and trademarked designs

If your app is similar or resembled in terms of its icon, name, design with that of Apple, you are running the risk of being rejected by Apple, because Apple declares a high proprietary rights on its products. So differentiate your app from that of the Apple, and increase your chances of approval.

Do not Mention its Existing Competitors

avoid app rejection - no apple's competitorsApple is quite sensitive and possessive in asserting its brand. If your app or its meta-data mentions apple’s existing competitors, like the Android Devices, it is of high possibility that your app might be rejected. So try to avoid such mistakes and mention Apple’s devices only to avoid app rejection.

Avoid misleading users

The ultimate goal of your app and the app store review is to serve the users and meet their demands. If your app doesn’t succeed in leading its users to reach their purpose, it is not an excellent app and it is no way to avoid rejection from the app store review.


These tips are quite useful if you take well reference of them. We provide you more tips of how to avoid app rejections when submitting your app. Also, submitting your app is just the beginning of your mission. Once your app is available in App Store, you should start to implement these app store optimization tips and promote your app to get more users.

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