Best Tips on How to Write App Description 2016

We have shared the idea about keyword optimization in previous post, including keyword definition, keyword importance and how to find the good keyword for your app. Also, it mentioned keywords should be contained in app title and app description. In this post, we will list a few tips on how to write app description for your mobile app that has the potentiality to hunt users into installs.

Importance and purpose of app description

wite app description - Importance and purpose of app descriptionApp Store Optimization aims to bring large amounts of organic traffic and installs for mobile apps. While there are multiple factors affecting ASO results that you have to take into consideration. The app description is perhaps one of the most important.

If someone is reading the description, it means he has already found your app according to keyword search they have done. The app name and screenshots are appealing enough for them to get forward to reading the description. To capture a user’s attention and keep longer utilization, the description has to be precise and make the right direction to attract users.

The app description is obviously to show potential users some insight into exactly what your app is, what it does and why they should install your app instead of another.

How to Write App Description?

Strengthen key features

wite app description - Strengthen key featuresWhen we talked about optimizing app screenshots, we mentioned that one screenshot means one feature, of course, it should be the main feature. We know your app may have many features, but you should mention only few standing out ones. The simplest and most popular way to present your app’s features is to provide:

  • Make it within 255 characters to define your app.
  • Place the first two most important points at the start and the third most important at the end.
  • Vary the opening word and letter for each point.
  • Show up keywords relevant to your app 4-8 times in the whole copy.

Avoid common mistakes

There exists lots of potential mistakes you may ignore when write app description. It is normal for these mistakes to send users who will experience a flood of negative app reviews and low app ratings. Please check your copy carefully to avoid these common mistakes.

  • Typos and poor grammar – hirea professional writer, or at least, please make a spell-check.
  • Confusing andno localizing – If they can’t comprehend or even can not read, they won’t download it.
  • Hyperbole or bending the truth – The truth will expose just a few seconds after download. Don’t lie.
  • Keyword stuffing – It looks ugly and unnecessary.
  • Targeting the wrong person – Write fortargeted audience.
  • Omitting important details – the app size or app price.

Localize description

wite app description - Localize descriptionLocalizing the app description will have huge positive impact on your app visibility in the App Store. Most people prefer to find and install apps in their native language. Meanwhile, you could also treat it as a tester to see whether there are more downloads after you localized. If yes, it’s time to consider localizing the app description. To be honest, you are able to localize the app description(even if you are unable to fully localize your app), it will still make contribution to more installs and sales from other countries.

Update description if needed

It is obviously you will create new features and release new versions of your app, but still remember that you need to change the app description when needed. App description should introduce the features. When you publish a new feature, you are selling a feature, you are on the way to update the app description. You will get useful feedback from new audience. To briefly summarize how to write app description, the basic process is to prepare, write, localize, and update if needed.

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