Best Tips on How to Brainstorm App Keyword 2017

With more and more  mobile apps being published every day, keyword becomes more and more competitive. Also, it is more and more important to add more keywords to your apps. With over 1.3 million apps facing a difficult process, we would like to list 6 tips on how to brainstorm app keyword and we will also show you where to pick up keyword and how to make full use of those resources to cover keyword, which can make your app rank top.

Write down some key phrases

brainstorm app keyword - write down key phrasesKeyword Optimization is brainstorming of keyword or sometimes key phrase. For example, if you want to match keyword for a slots game, consider its mechanics and list all the related keywords and key phrases, such as slots player, slots, slot machine, etc.

When you brainstorm app keyword, you need to keep this in mind: your work is to write down every single idea in case you will forget forever. Before started, make sure to have your keyword brainstorming spreadsheet open and literally write down whatever comes to mind when thinking about your app details.

After finishing a brainstorming session, it is essential for you to go back and examine each keyword with the keyword research tool. After this steps, please decide whether any new keyword should be included in your keyword list. There is one more point you need to notice: Keep the keyword which has too much competition for your app to rank right now. Because it may be a good keyword to target later.

Rely on app reviews or analysis tools

brainstorm app keyword - analysis toolsAnother effective way to find useful keyword is to analyze your competitors’ app positive reviews. You can read their reviews in App Store, then you may find some relevant reviews according to review analysis tools. These tools aim at matching keyword from reviews commented by users.

Spy on your competitors

Considering that over 1.3 million apps are available in the App Store, which shows that some of them are already competing for your potential users before you submit your app.

The easiest way to get started is to see what your competitors are doing. For you, the Sensor TowerKeyword Spy Tool shows what your competitors are using. Nowadays, there are some automatic tools can help you, reducing the required time for this task. Generally, you can search many kinds of spy tools online. These tools will match search results with the specific searched keyword or key phrase.

Check app descriptions

This method is a little bit harder as it will require you to be more creative in finding related keyword. You have to check as many as app descriptions related to yours. It is necessary for you to spend some time in going through the descriptions as it is easier to find targeted keyword which have been used by your competitors.

Search suggestions

brainstorm app keyword - search suggestionsOne more simple way to find valuable keyword is by typing keyword letter by letter in search bar or search engine. As we know, if we type one letter, it will offer suggestions automatically. Like Google, in the App Store, the result is for its relevance, popularity and quality. In return, your app would be found by users with same method.

Remember that short keyword works better than long key phrase. Besides, there is comma instead of spaces between every two keywords.


You have went through all the details by yourself, you must have a clear understanding about how to brainstorm app keyword and you can pick the ones which have most similarities. Note that the list will be the basis of your Keyword Optimization process. If you fail there, you probably won’t recover the keyword later, having a great list to work with always leads the difference in App Store Optimization process. If there is any demands of professional keyword suggestions, please contact the Best Keyword Optimization Provider.

We have also developed posts to teach people how to choose app keywords and how to find the right keywords for apps. As for more detailed guides, you can go to our app sotre optimization blog to read more.

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