How to Choose App Keywords Efficiently?

We are always talking about keywords as it is so important. When a potential user types in search bar to find one app, keywords will express its features in app name/title, app description and keyword field. We have shared the methods, tips and tools of how to find the right keywords for apps in the previous essay. After you find these keywords, how to choose app keywords which are available for your apps? Here more details about the keywords optimization.

how to choose right keywords for your apps

Rules for the keywords field

Let us take App Store for example to analyze these details. There are two factors impacting search algorithm in App Store heavily – the name of your app and the keywords field. Consider the following rules:

  • It is limited that you have to put only 100 characters inthe keywords field.
  • Each keyword must be two characters more.
  • Keywords should be separated with a comma and there is no need for spaces.
  • Use single words

These activities automatically added will not benefit you.

  • If your app is free the word”free” is automatically added to your keywords.
  • Your company name/app name/brand name.

Please be careful to avoid being removed/banned from Store.

  • Existing app names or brands that you don’t have the rights to use.
  • Any keywords that are irrelevantto your app.

How to choose app keywords

Keywords relevance

choose app keywords -Keywords relevanceWe mentioned app keywords’ relevance most, but it bears repeating. You must ensure the keywords you used relate to your app. If there is someone searching for one keyword, while it is not related to your app. Even your app is ranking #1, how likely will they be to download your app?

Never rely on your intuition or suppose

when you are doing keyword search. Instead, keyword search is also to see which keywords people use when they look for apps similar to yours. You can then test these keywords to see how other apps perform.

Put the strongest competitive keywords in app name

The app name gets more weight than the keywords field. So you should place your strongest competitive keywords in app name meanwhile make sure the keywords are highly relevant. Don’t separate them with comma or space from other words since exact keywords will help your app rank higher in the App Store search results.

Keywords Optimization Tips

Revise your keywords every month

Choose app keywords - revise keywordsIt is necessary that you may revise your meta data every month. You should make little changes when you submit new app revisions after analyzing what keywords work well. The more popular your app grows, the more easier to compete for higher difficult keywords. Anyway, you have no need to change anything, but focus on your keywords and ranking. One more thing, please check on your keywords after submission, in case it would be deleted by App Store without notifying you.

Do not use keywords anywhere

Of course, publishers want to use important keywords in all the marketing and messaging. If you use keywords anywhere, it is not useful for improving your app rank. What is worse, App Store will punish your App or even remove it.

Localizing keywords

Localizing the app keywords will have a huge positive impact on your app visibility in the App Store in non-English speaking countries. Most people prefer to find and install apps in their native language if the information is presented in their native language. At the same time, you could also treat it as a tester to see whether there are more downloads after you localize the meta data. If yes, it’s time to consider localizing the app. Anyway, if you do just localize the keywords or description, unfortunately, you’ll get some negative reviews.

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