How to Choose a Reliable App Store Optimization Company?

app store optimization companyWith the development of information and technology, more and more App Store Optimization companies are streaming into the market. However, app developers find it a poser to pick a reliable App Store Optimization company, because many companies turn out to be scammers.

A reliable ASO company helps to optimize your app and boost the ranking, so developers often turn to ASO companies for help. Nevertheless, as we mentioned before, you first have to learn how to chose a reliable ASO company. We have several recommendations for that.

Get Recommendations

The optimum way to choose a reliable App Store Optimization company is adapting recommendations from your friends, business partners or those who have used the ASO service before. They recommend the company because they have a good experience with the service and it really works in optimizing their apps. Usually, you are willing to accept their recommendations because you trust them. So, get recommendations from others when choosing ASO companies.

Search for the Company

If your friends have no reference for you, search for the company’s profile, get to know its business. What price does it claim? What specific service does it provide? You can also put forward questions in various forums, like “Did it keep its promises for customers?”or “ Did the service deliver a good result?” Generally, your questions will be answered, and perhaps you even get new recommendations.

Choose the One Offering Quality Support

app store optimization company support app store optimization companyTake precautions against these ASO companies providing poor quality support. They are detrimental to your app! Choose a reliable one that offers quality support, like ASOTOP1. Its ultimate goal is to promote your apps to top charts. This one enjoys a high reputation in providing satisfying ASO service and quality support. Any question will be immediately and effectively responded through E-mail, Skype or through other channels with this company.

Check the ASO Company’s Rank

In order to entice customers, a App Store Optimization company will brag and boast themselves, exaggerating their ability. The best way to see through their fraud is checking their companies’ rank. If the rank is barely satisfactory, then they possess no competence to optimize your app. You can’t expect a company that is not well-optimized to optimize your app.

Assess the Credibility of a App Store Optimization Company

It is always advisable to make an assessment of the ASO company before choosing it. Take serious consideration of the following factors when make assessments. Does it have a clear price skimming? Can it explain all the actions they take? Is it making unreliable promise? How fast did it complete its task? Also, study its former cases and stories. If you the conclusion makes you satisfied, why not choose it?


To choose a reliable App Store Optimization company is a tough thing. Our recommendation is that you take good use of these 5 tips to facilitate you. A reliable ASO company helps your app enter a new era only when you choose wisely.

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