How to Create a Good App Video to Increase Conversion?

Create a Good App Video to Increase ConversionWhether you want to promote and rank your app in the Google Play Store or the App Store, add an app video can help increase your conversion. There are many ways a video can boost your app’s downloads. Besides, people who watch a video before installing the app have very high retention rate. They already have a preview of how your app works and its main features. High retention rate will further help in increasing your app’s ranking and number of downloads. But how to create a good app video that boosts your app conversion. This guide will provide you valuable insights.

Importance of App Video

An app video is a must-have for your app’s page if you want to increase its conversion. Screenshots and optimized content are essential, but you cannot ignore this aspect.

  • Summarize Your App in Minutes: You can display and explain the app in minutes or even seconds. Show only the main features and best shots.
  • Educate: A video can also help your visitors understand how your app is used.
  • Memorable: A properly created app can also make people remember the app.
  • Build Trust: A well-created app can also build trust by showing that you are professional and serious about your product.
  • SEO: An app video also improves your conversion by boosting SEO and rankings.
  • Easy to Share: A video is also easier to share and embed, allowing you to increase your app’s reach.

Remember that surveys show that videos can both increase and decrease your conversion by up to 25%. So it is extremely important that you create a good app video. So once you have created a video it is important to test and optimize it to get the most benefits out of it.

Videos can be visually rich and can help deliver your message in ways screenshots and text cannot.


Create a Good App VideoFollow these valuable tips to create a good app video:

  • Set Your Video Apart: Great visuals and music are good, but make sure that your app’s video has a good story too. it should grab your target audiences’ attention.
  • Introduce the App & Its Value: An app video should be brief and should instantly introduce your app and the value it brings. It is recommended not to go into the details. Be brief when introducing the app.
  • Answer their Questions: Brainstorm to determine the kinds of questions they have in mind so that your video can answer those questions. Find questions that leave your audience stunned and they should be eager to find their answers.
  • Video Duration: As already mentioned, an app video should be short. Google allows longer videos than Apple, but a short video with a strong message can do much more than a long video with lots of details.
  • Make Sense Even Without Sound: While having great sound and narration is good, you should create a good app videothat makes all the sense even without sound. Add subtitles and callouts for a great visual experience.

Main Steps To Create A Good App Video

Some of the main steps involved in creating a great app video to boost conversion are as following:

1. Create a Concept

Start by outlining what the app video will be communicating. Also determine the video’s tone. It can have any of the following tones:

  • Informative
  • Exciting
  • Fast paced
  • Soft

Watch app videos of your competitors and take down ideas you may find interesting. Make sure to start creating the storyboard only when you worked out a concept.

2. Create the Storyboard

Jot down the order in which the different screens will show. Also determine what each screen will show.

3. Create the Script

Create a Good App VideoOnce you have the storyboard, you should write the script based on it. remember, you cannot create the perfect video on first try. It takes some experimentation for the script to evolve. However, you should have a planned script before screen recording is started.

Follow these steps when you create a good app video. An app video plays an extremely important role in educating and encouraging your visitors to become your customers. It will take a few attempts and some time before you can create a video that does its job well. It is a continuous process – keep testing the video and make adjustments to improve.

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