Best Guides on How to Do Successful App Store Optimization

How to Do Successful App Store OptimizationIt has already been 8 years since Apple launched the App Store which houses different kinds of apps. For iOS developers, the best thing is that their apps are ranked on the first place in the App Store search results. However, with numerous apps in all the categories, this is not an easy job. Therefore, they need to do app store optimization and make them more visible in App Store. In this guide, we have listed the tips on how to do successful app store optimization. Now, go on reading to get the detailed methods.

Importance of App Store optimization

Just like that of the Google Play Store, App Store also has its own ranking system for the search engine result pages based on the keyword optimization. Optimizing your app  in the App Store is the most effective way to make it appear higher up on the result page. In other words, if the process of ASO is neglected, it is most likely to happen that the people would never be able to find your app.

Know the mechanics and involved factors

To do successful app store optimization, you should know the mechnics and involved factor. The first thing is to stay updated about the requirements that Apple is looking for currently. Knowing what Apple uses for the ranking of the app’s search visibility, you can easily implement those steps for the best results. It has been seen in several reports that the 2 main factors that Apple relies on are the app title and keywords.

Titles and the keywords

The keyword is the most important thing when it comes to making your app visible in the top of the search results. It is always advised to include the keyword in the title. Another important thing is to include multiple keywords in the description because at the end of the day it is the description which ends up convincing the user to download the app.

A total number of downloads done

Another important thing that Apple assesses is the total number of downloads that has been done using its specific algorithm. This is turn gives a fair bit of idea as to how much response your app has been getting which in turn helps them rank your app accordingly.

Understand the customer’s mind

How to Do Successful App Store OptimizationThe next step in line when it comes to successful ASO is to understand who is the target audience and for whom you have developed and designed the app. This specific step requires doing some proper research as to have a fair bit of knowledge about the target audience.

The entire process for these kinds of market researches and surveys includes 2 distinct steps, the primary and the secondary step. Collecting primary information for identifying the target audience requires following of three steps, to do online surveys, to understand the possible feedbacks from the social media outlets and last but not the least is to focus on the target audience that your app concerns around. The secondary research later implies on how you actually implement the information from the primary research to promote the app further.

Choose the perfect app name and title

The third most important thing to keep into consideration is the name of the app. The keyword research results should be the determinant of what you name your app as because that is what the people are going to search for in the search bars. It is not necessary, but it is helpful if the keyword of the app is mentioned in the title.

It definitely doesn’t mean that you have to stuff the title of the app with the keywords just because Apple allows 255 characters for the title. Unnecessary and long titles are not required and are also shortened by Apple, so cut the chase and make it informative and attractive. There are some symbols which are deemed as flagged by the App Store and it is a must to avoid them at all costs. Some of them include a question mark, spaces, greater than sign, backlashes et cetera.

Know which the best keywords are

Next in line is the usage of the appropriate and the useful keywords, both in the title and the description of the app. It has been seen in a lot of reports that more than 10% of the apps were ranked higher in the App store which had their keywords included in the title. Keywords are the most important thing because that is exactly the word that users type in to search for the apps.

How to Do Successful App Store OptimizationThe three most important places which should have the keyword are the title of the app, the description and the keyword field. It is best to focus on the traffic of the keyword along with the keyword ranking. There are also a number of App Store Optimisation tools which helps in determining which would be the best keywords for your app.

The description of the App

Another huge contributing factor of successful app store optimization is the app description. Most of the users tend to rely on the description along with the ratings to decide whether or not they would download the app. One important thing to keep in mind is to make the description short and informative including all the important points.

Many users don’t have the time to read through the entire description and mainly rely on the first 5 lines of it. It is thus important to stuff the most important information in the very first lines to convince them to download the app. Another important thing is to include the keyword in the app description.

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