Best 8 Tips to Improve App Keyword Ranking on App Store

Improve App Keyword RankingsThe App Store has millions of apps. It also has some of the most stringent rules whether it’s about adding your app or helping it rank high. Creating a great app is in no way a guarantee that your app will rank high instantly. It can take months or even years before many people come to know about it and start using it in large numbers. At the same time, there are tens of thousands of great apps out there which have been lost into obscurity. You don’t want your app to be one of them. Therefore, you need to know how to improve app keyword ranking.

The higher your app ranked on App Store, the more money you will get from it. Here are the best 8 tips to improve app keyword ranking on the App Store. Read the following to get the details.

1. Keywords Research

Start with keyword research to identify the keywords that match best with what your target audience is searching for. Once you have the list of keywords, make sure to use them in the right places and in the right density to improve app keyword ranking. To find your target keywords, you have to learn about your app more clearly. Once you know the goal and intention of your potential users can you ensure your app keywords. Also, you can analyze the keywords of your competitors. There are many precious parts of competitors you should learn and use. For example, if you want to create an app about Video, you could analyze the keywords of relevant apps about videos. Sometimes, you could even use the popular keywords of competitors to generate more traffic. While, you cannot copy all the keywords of them, especially the brand keywords.

2. Put Keywords in App Title

Make sure that your app the title has the primary keyword in it. This will help in improving your app’s search-ability. It helps improve the chances of your app being found in the searches. Make sure that your app’s name doesn’t have any resemblance with the existing popular apps. This is because when someone searches for your app that has a name with similarity to a popular app, the App Store may autocorrect and suggest the other app. The characters of the title are limited in 30 in iOS11, but there is a new part, subtitle, you can use to add your app keywords. However, you should not stuff the keywords in this part to improve app keyword ranking, which will lead to your app be published by Apple.

3. Add Keywords in App Descriptionimprove app keyword ranking - add keywords in description

Your app’s description should be short and powerful. It should have the relevant and best matching keywords inserted uniformly and in the right density. The keywords you have used in the title are not able to appear in the description, which will decrease the authority of keywords and waste space.

The description should describe the app’s functions, its awards, and its highlights. The initial 167 characters from the Meta description and you should use the right words to encourage people to download your app. In iOS 11, although the description has been moved to below the screenshots and videos, you have to optimize it carefully. A comprehensive and appealing description can attract more users to install your app.

4. Optimizing Reviews

The keyphrases used by your app users in the reviews can be used by the app keyword ranking algorithm to rank your app. The more the number of positive reviews you have, the higher your app is likely to rank. The keywords used in the reviews will also help your app rank in search engine results, thus driving more traffic. To optimize your app reviews on App Store, you can also buy iOS reviews from ReviewApp4u. With this company, you can send them the reviews and let their users download your app and leave the reviews with keywords you offered on the App Store.

5. Replace Spaces with Commas in Keywords

When separating keywords, don’t make the mistake of using spaces between them. Instead, you should use commas. Space is counted as a single character, which means that your keywords space you can add will reduce. Therefore, you should avoid all spaces between keywords and add more valued keywords to improve the coverage rate of keywords.

6. Avoid Repeating Keywords

When your key phrases have the same word being repeated time and again, you can leave the common words when listing the keywords. This applies to both the app title and the description. Indeed, wherever you add the keywords in, you should not repeat the keywords. Just like the mentioned above, which will waste space and have not impact on improving app keyword ranking.

7. Use Shorter Keywords

Improve Your App Keyword RankingsAnother tip is to use shorter keywords. This will help you create a number of keyphrase combinations. If possible, you can use two 5-character keywords in place of an 11-character keyword. This will help your app rank for more number of potential search results. However, you should know that relevance is more important than keyword length. Read this guide to learn how to choose good keywords for your apps.

8. Collaborate with a Reliable Company

If you have no experience on how to choose and optimize app keywords to improve app keyword ranking on App Store, you can try this method. Collaborate with a reliable company who can give you a suitable plan and professional services to boost your app ranking. There are many companies providing these services, including buy app installs and buy app reviews. According to the experience, buying app keyword install is the best method to improve app keyword ranking on App Store. To finish this goal, the users will install your app via search keywords you want to promote so that boost app ranking. Also, all the installs are from real users. Thus, you don’t need to worry the risk of this service.

Additional Tips

There are a few more things you can do to improve app keyword rankings. You can use digits in place of numbers to reduce the amount of space consumed. So the digit ‘8’ takes lesser space than the word ‘eight’. Another point you should follow is to get rid of the connector words such as ‘a’, ‘of’, ‘the’, ‘to’ and ‘for’. These words will not affect your keywords in a big way. Use the extra space for inserting some relevant words. However, if it is a specific keyword you are targeting, you don’t have to remove it.

So follow these tips and your apps’ keyword ranking in the App Store will improve significantly. Proper keyword research is extremely important and should be the first step.

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