How to Improve Your App Ranking in the App Store

improve app rankingUsers have so many apps to choose from when they visit the App Store. Therefore, it can be hard for your app to stand out, especially if you are a new company with no established apps. App ranking has a big role to play in this because your app has more chance of being noticed if it has a higher ranking. There are a number of things that you can do to improve the ranking of your app and all of these are just as important as carrying out SEO for your website.

Know What Your Audience Is Looking For

You can’t get hifg app ranking if your app does not provide any value to your users. You should already have a good idea of what group of people your app will be targeted towards and so you should think about what these people will be looking for from your app and ensure that these needs are met. You can look at apps that are similar to yours to see how they help the user and incorporate this into your own app. If you have an existing customer base then you may want to ask them to trial a test version and give their feedback before the app is put for general release.

Get the Right Title & Description

The title of your app is the thing that people browsing the App Store will see and so it needs to effectively convey what your app is all about. Similarly, you need to make your description shortto ensure app users can  easily find out what the app can do for them. If people cannot immediately know what your app will do and they have to hunt for this information then it is likely that they will just move on to another app. If you do not have sufficient numbers of people using your app then your ranking will be affected.

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Choose Your Category Carefully

improve app rankingMost apps can fit into a number of different categories and so you will need to decide which one yours will rank in. By making the right choice you can significantly improve your rankings. If you choose a category that has a very broad scope then there are going to be potentially thousands of apps here that you need to rank higher than. It may be a better idea to choose a more obscure category where there is less competition but where your app is still relevant as you are more likely to rank highly here.

Encourage Users To Rate Your App

If you have consistently high ratings from users then this will have a positive impact on your ranking. If you want to get a high rating, you need to think about when you are going to ask for the app to be rated. If your app is a game, for example, you may choose to ask them to rate their experience when they have just completed a level as they are likely to respond more positively. At the other end of the scale if the user has just encountered a number of problems with the app, then you can probably expect to get a low rating.

Keep Updating Your App

improve app rankingIn order to keep your app relevant to users, it will need to be updated on a regular basis. This does not have to be a huge update every time but your users will appreciate new content when it is there. Updating regularly can also help to fix any issues that are related to bugs which can detract from the user experience. Many of the top apps update every two weeks or so just to ensure that things are still running smoothly.


Ensuring that you have continuously high app rankings in App Store will mean that this is something you need to keep looking at. It is almost certain that your competitors will constantly be trying to improve their own rankings and this can push you further down if you are not doing the same. It may not be something that you need to look at every day but you need to make some specific time in your schedule to assess how your app is ranking and then working on this as necessary. Remember that a higher ranking will lead to more people using your app so it is something that needs to be treated with the highest priority.

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