How to Improve App Store Keyword Ranking?

Improve App Store Keyword RankingOptimization process for the app stores are also pretty much like the SEO, rather it is a bit more App marketing is also related to choosing the keywords. Your app will be shown on the search results, if and only if someone searches with the key phrases that you have specified. So, it’s pretty much hard to choose a perfect set of keywords for which your app will be displayed and this will require quite a lot of research to improve app store keyword ranking.

You need to use commas not spaces

There are a few common mistakes that everyone does is to use spaces between the keywords. If you do so, the app store will take it as a meaningless lengthy phrase which will be of no use. You need to use commas to separate one keyword from the other. Omitting the spaces will save you another thing apart from appearing as a lengthy keyword: The spaces are counted as characters, but commas are not. So you will be able to save the characters for your keywords.

And also do not forget to delete the spaces in between the keywords and the commas this will also save you some characters.

Omit the connectors and save some spaces

Improve App Store Keyword RankingThere are few words which are known as connectors: a, of, the, and, to, for, etc. There is no need to use these words while mentioning your keywords. It is very much useful to omit them and use them for some more keywords. But in some cases you will have to keep those words within the keyword if it is really that necessary.

Use digits not words

Do not use words to mention a number, use the number instead, this will mean the same for the app stores. Like: to mention 9, use the digit, do not write NINE.

Repetition is not good for app store keyword ranking

Remember not to use the same words or word phrases while mentioning the keywords. This will not do any harm, but can save you some space for the other keywords. The Same thing you can apply while mentioning the App name and IAP display as well.

Think and use short keywords

Improve App Store Keyword RankingYou need to understand what is good for you and what is bad. If you choose a long keyword it will give you exposure for that keyword only, but if you can choose 2 keywords of the same accumulative length then it will give you more exposure to the search results. This is very simple actually. The more keywords you have, the easier to improve app store keyword ranking. But while choosing a keyword. Do not choose any keyword which has a good traffic, you need to choose something relevant to your app.

Plurals can be used for App store optimization

Yes! This is a big difference between SEO and app store optimization. You see, in case of SEO the algorithm takes into account the combination of plural and singular words as your keywords, but in case of app store keyword ranking it does not work like that. Hence, you need to use the plurals as separate keywords. As there is a shortage of space for keywords, so for a particular keyword you need to research which one has a better traffic and you will have to put that form of the word in the keyword set.

Strong App name can be helpful

The most important part of naming an App is to know your keywords. You need to choose that keyword for your App name, which is most significant and relevant to your app or keyword set. Choosing the right keyword for the App name, can be very much useful for getting a higher app store keyword ranking.

Use every bit of space for keywords

Improve App Store Keyword RankingUsing every character space for keywords is very good, but when there are only 2-3 characters left, it is better to use the numbers rather than the characters. For example, your keywords set might contain ‘top arcade games’. Now you have 1 character left to use. So, you can write it as ‘top 5 arcade games’.  So, this way it will give your app an extra edge over the others.


To improve app store keyword ranking it is very much necessary that you optimize your keyword set carefully and with patience. While editing the keyword set, make sure you do not cut out the most important keyword of yours. Use the full availability of keyword spaces and make sure to use them on purpose. This will definitely lead you to a better optimization of your keywords and a better ranking as well.

Also, if you want to improve app store keyword ranking, you need to be patient and pay attention to detail. For instance, when deleting a keyword, check and make sure you’re not losing good key phrases that use it. These tips will help you use all available character spaces to their fullest extent, getting you the best results within the limits we have as iOS developers.

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