How to Increase App Visibility in App Market?

Increase App Visibility - ASOTop1You know we have shared many App Store Optimization tips to help app boost the market. Also, there are many methods to promote apps. But one of the most essential factors in the mobile app market is app’s visibility. Every developer dreams of success like Angry Bird and Candy Crush. What makes them succeed? Follow the following methods to increase app visibility in market and get more users and earn more money.

How to Increase App Visibility

There are many methods to increase app visibility, we can start from basic app creation. When we start creating an app, we need to create impressive description and select suitable keywords for it. In addition, we need to carry out some useful app promotion strategies. Now, read the following methods to learn how to increase app visibility in App Store.

Descriptive introduction

From the first two sentences, the app description should obviously show insight into exactly what your app is, what it does and why they should install your app instead of another. There is no need for you to show all your app features. But in the first line, your app description should be direct and showcase the power of your app. And you should make the reader want to click. This is the basis to attract users to discover more about your app and install it. Learn how to write a good app description in this guide.

Select the suitable keywords

increase app visibility -Select the suitable keywordsKeywords can be a word or a phrase. Like the description, it will tell users what is your app about and encourage them to download it. It is better if the keywords contain app name. Besides, it must be shown in app description. Users most likely search something in Store search bar. Therefore, keywords that are: less common localization language, within 100 characters, no brand or company name, etc. Need some help to find the best keywords? Please check our previous blog post on How to choose App Keywords.

Email direct marketing

Email marketing is the more direct way to approach the users or marketers who will help you promote your app. When there is new product launching or new version releasing, it is necessary for publishers to inform users. But for potential users, it is hard to get the contact information. Publishers only can look for some agencies for help, such as online forums and media. Please pay attention that the email subject should be valuable. Also, the email receipt would be directed to the right person.

Advertise online

Advertisement is good experience for apps. Showing ads on social networks is becoming treading. You can create ads on social media like Facebook, as it is a kind of way to get more users. Also, try ads on some special forums related to your app, such as iOS forum and Android marketing forum.

Ask for reviews & higher ratings

increase app visibility - ask for reviewsIt is also a way to increase app visibility. Users will install the app and then, they will leave a review for it. Many users will have no interest to review or rate an app even they like it very much. At this moment, publishers may feel annoyed the app can not get high ratings and positive reviews. Review providers can show up now. It will solve the problem for publishers to get higher app ratings and reviews.

Generate installs

Higher ranking is extremely helpful for app visibility. App can get installs from users directly via download link. Or drive install via keyword search. The former method is straight forward install amounts singly. While latter one aims at helping app ranking in App Store search results. Like us, professional ASO service- will guide real users to install the app via targeted keywords relevant to your app.


All the methods can help increase app visibility in app market. But not all the methods will be suitable for your app. You have to try many, and then you will find the most helpful one. Just keep patience as it is a long journey to boost an app. Wish you enjoy all the scenery in this journey.

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