Ultimate Guides on How to Increase Business App Rank

increase business app rankWith over 2 million apps available out there on the various app stores, any prospective app developer is directly inclined to incorporate specific techniques to increase business app rank. While developing the app might be regarded as the primary procedure of app development, there is some other equally important process that improves your app results. Developing an app and ensuring that it can reach all the relevant users is a coherent process that requires informed improvisation and decision making from the app developer.

CPI Burst campaigns

It’s obvious that most app searches on both the App Store and Google play by users will barely surpass the first few app results on the results list. Naturally, any app developer wants to increase business app rank will have to consider CPI Burst Campaigns. An excellent recommendation would be to use the Cost Per Install systems by using various advertisers. Users are required to pay a specific amount of money for each unique install, which is a highly effective method for increasing the rank of your app.

Develop a video

Making a video for your app is highly critical if you are to increase business app rank. This is because a significant number of app users want to learn more about your application through footage. Besides that, developing a video also helps to increase the overall value and credibility of your video as well. The added benefit is that the consumer market is packed with a broad spectrum of video marketing techniques and strategies that are ideal for your unique app development needs. An excellent video should be available in different languages and with different subtitles as well.

Get translated content

increase business app rankAnother important aspect that you can consider when for improving your app rank would be to ensure that most if not all of the content is well translated. This is because you are more than likely to come across users from different countries that might only be competent with their unique native languages. For instance, some of the common languages for your app would be to English, French, German and Italian.

Get the word out and declare permissions

When it comes to marketing g your apps on the various online user platforms, it’s also equally important that you ensure that your app reaches as many users as possible. Some service providers can help you market your app to specific agencies whereby you can reach users on several blogs and social media platforms as well.

Moreover, you can also do DIY marketing by partnering with some of the prevalent product blogs out there. Once you start getting a decent amount of followers, you might also opt to increase your market foothold with publications and press releases as well. Besides, you should also remember increase business app rank by highlighting any stipulations or requirements that you have for your users upon each unique installation. In this way, the user is informed ahead of time concerning the consequences of misusing the app.

Keep your eye on the user

Incorporating analytics systems for monitoring user app usage is a must if you want to maintain or perhaps increase the average number of users of your app. An excellent analytics tool should provide various applications options and provides it users with the ability to compare their given app statistics with other similar apps that are available on the app store or Google play as well. Besides that, you might also want to set the main trigger points ahead of time for your a/B testing needs.

Do app store optimization

increase business app rankApp store optimization is simply an umbrella term that is used to refer to the techniques used to rank an app higher in the search results of the app store. The ranking of your app in the app store is directly independent to the app store search results. An important aspect when it comes to app store optimization is the title. The particular keyword used in the title should be one that is getting the most hits on any given search engine results, for this reason, it’s highly important that you take the time to conduct some keyword research for your title in order to increase the likelihood that web users will land on your pages.

Besides, app store optimization marketers work by optimizing the app title, keywords, screenshots and description such that the App Store search position is higher on the search results page, thereby attracting more traffic to their give content. Although making their content achieve the highest possible position can be considered as their general objectives, it’s not a necessity when it comes to determining the success of the optimization.


All things considered, when it comes to increasing business app rank, there is barely any space for decision making or insufficient improvisation. It’s imperative that you only settle for some of the top rated solutions available out there on the market. In this way, you increase the likelihood that your app will not only end up high in the search results, but it also has the most downloads as well.

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