A Step by Step Guide to Increase iOS App Downloads on App Store

increase iOS app downloadsThe iOS platform has maintained its current status irrespective of rivals, which are intimidating to make it extraneous with cheaper options. Even though smartphones are growing in huge number, iPhone is still a preferred device as it is associated with a trendy group of individuals. Because of this reason, iOS apps are found to be profitable if they are launched and marketed in an effective manner. The only thing, which you have to keep in mind is nothing but the way of attracting users for downloading your iOS app. It is a skill, which needs to be learned. That’s why you have to learn how to increase iOS app downloads using the given guides.

Target your objectives

We have seen people designing different kinds of apps. But, it is not possible for each and every app to get the desired attention. Thankfully, there will be a way to meet this challenge. If you visit App Store, you can see what others are often searching for. Later, you can make lists of ideas on the basis of certain keywords.  You can also increase iOS app downloads with the help of a process, which is tentatively titled as ASO or App Store Optimization.

Make users engaging

Every iOS app must be built by keeping end users in mind. The most meaning way to make potential app users engaging is by simply educating them on the benefits of the app in solving their requirements and this is right place where creativity comes in. While describing your application on App Store, be sure to make use of lines filled with clever keywords, which perfectly summarize everything about your app. To increase iOS app downloads, you have to tell them how special and unique your app will be among the rest.


increase iOS app downloads - languageWhile describing your app on App Store, you must intend to localize your application in the most commonly used languages including English, Chinese, French, Korea, Spanish, and much more. Google Play has already a feature, which could do a lot for its users. While you are promoting your app on App Store, make sure that you can hire someone in order to do the work for you or even you can do it yourself.

Declaring required permissions

If someone is found to be installing your app, please remind them about almost all the permissions being required by your app at the time of installation. Right from the beginning, you must be honest as users may see them anyway. Convey them regarding the features of your app along with the monetization models, which may have in place.

Post blogs regarding your iOS app

Now, you have submitted your app to the App Store. In case you have done so, the next step is creating a blog or website regarding that app. The chief objective of this website is educating potential users about the features and functions being included in your app. You should also include videos and screenshots to explain how your app works.

Likewise, you will get reviews and comments from your friends. This trick is further used to encourage people to write their testimonials or comments on your site. Best of all, people will surely leave their reviews if they see that your blog has some active readers.

Make use of social media and other popular review sites

increase iOS app downloads - social media marketingThe purpose of social networking sites is to particularly help business people in reaching a wide audience in a limited period of time. At present, Facebook is referred to be the most popular social media platform for all-aged users. But, don’t simply stick to Facebook alone. Instead, you could also market your mobile app on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Myspace, and Google+.

As far as social media marketing concerned, there are two possible ways available for. You can make use of paid social media marketing or else just ask your friends or relatives to share your app together with their friends. In case you opt for paid advertising, you have to choose your audience and then, target them as per their specific requirements that can be fulfilled by your app.

Stay away from the traditional mode of advertisement

There is no reason to justify you if you are going to the traditional means of marketing. Instead, you can opt for link exchange programs and free classifieds. These advertising techniques would pay out in terms of a long run. Further, the revenue you can obtain from these sources could be extremely consistent. This type of trick will work well while applying in addition to paid social media advertising. Hence, it will tend to increase your exposure amongst iPhone users all over the world.

Offering free downloads for the limited time period

increase iOS app downloads - free trialAnother great way to increase iOS app downloads is by launching it and offering either for free or even at half of the price. Also, you can leverage on apps, which promote discounted or free apps as similar to that of who a daily deals website works.

Optimization of app store

Previous to marketing your application, each and every developer must focus on optimizing app store. It will be an effective method to make your app popular and also increase your app downloads on the IOS app store. After all, your revenue would be increased within a limited period of time.

Boosting app ranking

About 85% of the users often like to set up an app by means of searching one definite keyword on App Store. This simply means that you will gain more downloads if your app will get a higher ranking. Therefore, you need to spare your efforts on app quality, app store optimization, and app marketing in order to improve app ranking. In addition, you should also pay attention to users. This is because analyzing the users will help you in completely understanding your app. From the user’s reviews, you can learn much information, which you ignored previously. If there are more positive reviews, then your app will get a higher ranking as compared to others.

Keep your eye on description

The app description is actually the first important part through which users can learn regarding your app clearly. Apps with an attractive description will possibly get a number of downloads. So, you should make an appealing description with an intention to receive the attention of more users so as to click “read more”. In this way, it will improve your conversion rate.

Pay attention to app ratings

increase iOS app downloads - get app ratingsAs similar to that of reviews, app ratings also have a great impact on the app ranking and app downloads. Therefore, more app ratings could help your app build a better reputation. To accomplish this goal, app developers are struggling to get app ratings including requesting for others helps, exchanging ratings with others, advertising in forums and social media, and buy app installs from a reputed company.

The final verdict

Want to increase iOS app downloads? Opt for paid methods of advertising. You are required to approach it carefully with an intention to optimize your ads. There is no doubt that other methods are quite a long-term and extremely effective as well. Therefore, choose an app review service, which would go a long way to increase your iOS app downloads.

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