Top 10 iOS App Store SEO Tips to Rank High in App Store

The App Store can be described as a digital distribution platform that is currently being maintained by Apple Inc. ios app store seo - apple app storeThis app store sells mobile apps that have been developed and designed specifically for Apple’s operating systems. Therefore, when users are looking for apps that they want to buy or obtain free software for one of their ‘Apple devices (i.e. iPhone, iPads), they can browse this store to see what the iOS App Store SEO promotion is offering. Once they have found the apps that they like and prefer, they can download these applications for their personal or business use.

It is also important to note that developers can sell their own apps on the Apps store too or they may make them available in a free version. Whatever the choice or preference, each developer will need to know how to market their apps so that they can increase the amount that sells. That being said, here are 10 iOS app store SEO tips that can be used to get the attention that is needed.

Understand  customers’ needs & Competition Products

Developers should know that a well laid out app store SEO strategy depends on their understanding of their target audience’s needs. Simply stated, the developer has to know what their customers are looking for when using their apps. Once the owner of the app is familiar with these needs, they can give a better description of what their apps are for, and exactly what it offers to their customers. In this research, the app owner should also identify what specific keywords will give them that competitive edge over their competition. For instance, what functions in the app that distinguishes them from their competition.

Don’t Forget to Show screenshots and videos of the App

ios app store seo - make videoSimilar to the use of icons, displaying screenshots in the description will help to drive more downloads. Specifically, because when images are used strategically, they can convey more about the app in the form of descriptive text. The Descriptive text brings the functions of the app to life. Videos of the app are also important since the developer can do a simple walk through of all of the features and functions that they have in their iOS App Store SEO designs.

Update frequently

In addition to supplying screen shots and videos of an app, it is important that developers provide regular updates. The updates that these owners make should be based on consumer feedback. One of the best things is making enhancements that make it easier for a group of users to use. This is a great way to entice consumers to use the app over and over again. And it also allows consumers to rate these developers with 5-star reviews for all of their efforts. With 5 star reviews, other consumers will review the positive information that has been provided. It makes consumers more apt to pay for the mobile app and download it for their purposes too.

Stand out with a unique icon

With so many different types of mobile apps available in the Apple store, a developers app can easily get lost in the mix. In fact, when there is a sea of apps on the market for users to purchase, it may be difficult to distinguish one from the other. So, it is very important for developers to take this into consideration when they are marketing their products to their consumers. One of the best ways to make these distinctions is to create a unique icon that stands out. While there are certain sizing standards that an icon must meet, there are some things that the developer can do to make their apps distinct. And it is to follow a scheme that is meticulous in detail that makes it stand out from other designs.

Localize Your App listing

ios app store seo - localize appSome apps have been designed for a wide audience including those that can fit the needs of multiple languages. When this is the case, the developer must take a time to localize their app to fit that specific geographical location and their language. In order to accommodate these situations, the developer must market the app in each language based on segmentation of their target audience. With this plan, it makes it much easier for the app to go global.

Increase the keywords coverage

App keywords play an important part in app store optimization(ASO), increase the keywords coverage can improve the exposure rate and searching rank of your app in App Store. Actually, the process of app store optimization is mainly to add the volume of app keywords. Because the more keywords your app has, the higher ranking your app get. There are some tips on how to increase the keywords coverage at below:

  1. Add the main keywords in title and subtitle
  2. Add some important keywords in description
  3. Ask users to add the keywords in reviews
  4. Localize app to get more keywords
  5. Analyze the competitor’s keywords

Gain more positive app reviews

85% users would like to install an app have more positive reviews, and the reviews also have a huge impact on app store ranking in app stores. Thus, to get a higher rank in App Store, iOS app developers have to try their best to get more positive app reviews. You can get some tips about how to get app reviews on the blog I have published before. In addition, I recommended you to buy app reviews from Reviewapp4u, which offer app reviews from real users all over the world. Also, it can provide professional services to make you feel worry-free and risk-free.


We have to admit advertising is the most useful and fast method to boost app ranking in App Store. BiOS app store seo - advertisingut you have to remember finding the targeted users is the most important step for app developers. Analyze the function and features of your app, and target the different audiences, like students, adults, female, etc. About the platforms of advertising, you can choose according to the traits of your app. For example, your app focuses on the social media, you can advertise it on Facebook; if your app is about to the photo and video, advertising it on Instagram is suitable to you.

Generate more 4/5-star ratings

Just like app reviews, app ratings also affect the app downloads and the ranking in App Store. If you have more positive reviews but low app ratings, or have less positive reviews but more high app ratings, the downloads of your app will still less. This shows app reviews and ratings complement each other. To get app ratings, you can incentivize users to do that and exchange ratings in some relevant forums. Of course, you can get app ratings from a rating-provider company if you have enough budget.

Choose a right category

As we all know the App Store have more categories, like the free list, the paid list. Thus, you have to choose an appropriate category to boost your app ranking. This method also requires you learn about your app carefully, such as app functions, app features, etc. With there are many apps in App Store, making your app ranking to top 10 is hard for iOS app developers, let alone to #1. Thus, you should put your app in a right category to narrow the competitive scopes.


With so many different types of mobile apps available in the Apple Store, people can pick and choose the apps that they like. This store is not only made for buyers to make their purchases, but also for developers to market their apps. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to advertise an app to increase the traffic. Some of the most important are devising an iOS App Store SEO strategy that will greatly increase sales.

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