Keywords Optimization Tips for Mobile App Developers

If you want your app rank at the top 10 of the search results in the App Store or Google Play, you need to prepare nearly everything for your app – a well-developed app, a front-page publicity, a well-designed icon, and so on. In this post, we will give a brief introduction to keywords optimization and recommend you several tips on how to optimize keywords to increase the visibility of your app.

What is keywords optimization?

keywords optimizationIt is a process of researching, analyzing and choosing the optimal keywords to target potential users and bring traffic and downloads to your app. Keywords optimization is a critical and necessary step in App Store Optimization, for it will decide whether your app will be noticed by users and whether it will attract more users.

Benefits of keywords optimization

Optimize your app’s keywords, and you will get the following benefits:

Get qualified traffic

You are driving users to your app, for the keywords you select are what users are searching for.

Evaluate potential traffic and downloads

By analyzing the keywords, you can estimate the amount of traffic and downloads.

Write an attractive description

If you add optimized keywords in your description, it becomes more effective. This helps to boost your app ranking.

Know users’behavior

By analyzing what the most popular keywords users are using, you can get an idea of what they need and then revise your app to meet their expectation.

What is a good keyword?

You get a good keyword after optimization. But what is a good keyword? Well, it should at least meet the following standards:


keywords optimization relevance The keywords you pick should relate to the content and core concept of your app. Otherwise, even if you have chosen a popular keyword which is barely relevant to your app, users think little of your app.


A good keyword should avoid fierce competition as possible as it can, but it should enable your app to game in the top 10 of the search results too.

Keywords optimization tips

Knowing what is keywords optimization alone is just the beginning, so we put forward the following tips on how to optimize the keywords.

Use keyword tools to find the best keywords

There is no need for you to guess keywords by yourself, for it consumes your time and energy and it is sometimes useless for you don’t know customer behavior without researching. You can use keyword tools to select the right keywords, like Sensor Tower and App Annie.

Analyze the keywords and test their popularity

By using keyword tools, you get a ton of choices available, but you need to analyze the keywords, test their popularity, see if they can drive high traffic, and then choose the best one.

keywords optimization tipsAdd keywords into the title and description

Incorporate keywords into your app’s title and description, which increases the chance of being found by users and enhances the relevance of your app.

Use commas to replace spaces

Many app developers use both spaces and commas to separate words, but this is completely unnecessary. The App Store algorithm accounts spaces and commas as separators too, so you can use commas just to replace spaces. Otherwise, spaces will be counted as characters and you get less space to introduce your app.

Wipe off connectors and stop words

Generic words like a, the, and of often make little difference in your keywords. We suggest that you wipe off these connectors and stop words in your keywords and add more relevant words.

Don’t repeat keywords

Some app developers think that they can increase the visibility of their apps by repeating keywords. But actually it is not. It only makes your keywords cumbrous, so try to make the keywords short and concise.

Spy on the keywords you pick

Keywords optimization is a ongoing process, so you should constantly spy on the keywords you pick. If your keywords are not so popular as before, you’d better find the reason, and revise them if necessary.

Localize keywords

keywords optimization keywordsIf you want to launch your app to other countries, you need to pay attention to the differences in culture, language and customs. People prefer to choose apps  which they can easily understand and operate, so localize your app, including keywords.


While the app industry are hot and promising, it also leads to a fierce competition among app developers. To win the competition, you have to pay attention to everything concerned. But some app developers are so engaged with app development that they often neglect the importance of ASO, especially keywords optimization.

To get rid off this wrong recognition, we suggest that you rebuild a cognition toward keywords optimization and read the above tips thoroughly. If you are still confused with this, you can seek help from professional ASO companies, like And if you have better ideas on how to optimize keywords, you can air your views in the comments to let us know.

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