What Are the Ways to Make Your App Stand Out in App Store?

make your app stand outApple’s App Store has more than 2 million apps available for its users. The number is even growing day by day! This means that app developers are confronted with unprecedented challenges. They have to do everything to win users from their rivals. However, it is not an easy job. Therefore, in this post, we will list 10 tips on how to make your app stand out in App Store.

Know how App Store works

If you hope to market your app successfully, you first have to know how App Store works and make sure that your app wont’s violate any rules Apple set. For instance, App Store has its own ranking algorithm, but it changes the proportion of each parameter now and then. Although you cannot completely know the algorithm, you should at least know how its works and follow its rules.

Create a quality app

Only a quality app will finally attract and retain users. So, before launching your app in App Store, you should preoccupy yourself in creating a good app. A quality app should convey a developer’s core idea, benefit its users, possess compelling designs and complete functionality and be users-friendly.

Do App Store Optimization

make your app stand out- App Store OptimizationExcept for a quality app, you have to do App Store Optimization(check what is aso here) for your app too. ASO is the process of optimizing your app so that your app ranks higher than before and becomes more visible to users. If you are not a master in this field, you can choose a professional app store optimization company to do the job, like ASOTOP1. This company will optimize your app from the following aspects: keywords, icon, title, description, screenshots…

Cooperate with other existing apps

To make your app stand out from millions of other apps, you need to gain more users. So we suggest you cooperate with other existing apps, which helps you build a large users base and popularize your app.

Advertise your app

Don’t neglect the importance of advertising! You can put ads on websites, forums and even other apps. Or you can advertise your app by inviting some celebrities to promote your app, for users prefer to believe what famous people say.

Make your app available for all iOS users

You should make your app universal, that is – creating an app which is available for all iOS products, like iPhone, iPad… Then compared with other apps, your app is more competitive.

Upgrade and update your app regularly

make your app stand out- upgrade and update your appIf you don’t regularly upgrade and update your app, it will be out of date and or be replaced with other apps sooner or later. The technology is developing rapidly, and so should your app. Only these apps applying latest technologies and most advanced ideas remain invincible in App Store.

Hold activities

To stand out from the masses and attract users, you can hold activities occasionally. For example, you can run a contest to ask users to accomplish tasks, like inviting new users. Then you can reward the one who invites most users to your app with coupons, time-limited discounts or even real cash to expand the popularity of your app.

Build a website to market your app

By building a website, you will get more users. On the website, you can propagandize your own will. In this way, people will develop a better understanding of your app, which helps to increase downloads.

Get high ratings and good reviews

To make your app stand out in App Store, you need to build a good reputation among your users. Therefore, you should try to get high ratings and good reviews, which not only helps to attract new users, but also helps to boost App Store ranking.


We list these 10 tips on how to make your app stand out in App Store because they are highly recommended and have been widely used by many developers. If you have any other useful suggestions, please write your comments down!

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