Best Tips About Marketing Mobile Apps Online

Marketing Mobile Apps OnlineIf a mobile app can be successful online, it is  must a good app with fuctionalities that people need. Once an mobile app has been designed to meet a specific demand, the next step is to develop an effective marketing campaign to promote the app online. In the following, we have listed several of the best guides on marketing mobile apps online. Go on reading to get the details.

Start a blog

One of the most effective ways of marketing mobile apps online  is starting a blog to promote the app so that large target audiences can have access to the information that they need in one place. On this blog, the developer can list all of the information that people need to know so that they can understand what the mobile app does. Meaning the blog will also give the target audience a chance to give useful feedback. In this way, users can point out what works and what should be improved to make it more useful.

Create a Video

Marketing Mobile Apps OnlineBased on all of the research that has been done today, the attention span of online users is very short. In fact, the person or company that’s marketing mobile apps online may find that they only have about 8 seconds to seize a user’s attention before they move on to another article or another site completely.

Regardless to the scenario and the situation, the developer must have a plan to keep people engaged long enough for them to want to use their mobile apps. While showing pictures of the app, and how to use it can be useful in many cases, there are better ways to give the potential user a birds eye view. One in specific is to create a video that tells people who have an interest everything that they need to know about the mobile app. Also, upload a good video in App Store is one of the best App Store Optimization tips.

Create a 6-second how-to series

In addition to creating a video that everyone can view, there are other effective ways of showing what an app does. This is why so many developers are finding creative marketing mobile apps online campaigns to increase their market share of customers. For instance, the developer can benefit greatly from creating a six second how to series of their app. This 6 seconds how to series combined with a hashtag can be a winning combination that increases a mobile apps popularity within a very short time frame.

Post on Pinterest

Another great tip that people are taking advantage of today involves posting their apps on sites like Pinterest. To ensure the mobile app gets the attention that’s needed, this campaign can be very successful, especially when people use visual content, blog images, and infographics.

Sponsor contest

Marketing Mobile Apps Online
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As previously stated, developers are using a wide range of marketing mobile apps online campaigns to increase the visibility of their apps. Therefore, these campaigns are not limited to the traditional software ads that people usually see. Instead, some developers are building very effective social networks for their apps by sponsoring contest. From giving away promo codes for free stuff to winning various kinds of electronics, there are a lot of different ways to get people talking about a mobile app, especially those that brings exceptional value to the table in a number of different settings.


Because there are so many great mobile apps on the market today, people all over the globe are using them to do a wide range of activities and tasks. Some of which have been made for business use only, while others are designed for personal activities. Regardless of the purpose for the design, each developer will need to get their mobile apps in the hands of the targeted users.

In order to be effective in any marketing mobile apps online campaign, however, it is important that developers and companies alike deploy campaigns that will increase their customer base. Some of the best tips for launching a marketing campaign includes creating videos, sponsoring campaigns and posting images on Pinterest.

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