How to Optimize App Screenshots?

In our previous blog, we mentioned some important and useful App Store Optimization tips, one of which is to optimize app screenshots. However, how important it is and how it affects app optimization when we develop an app? Meanwhile, do you know how to optimize app screenshots? Today, let us talk about all the details in this guide.

Importance of app screenshot

optimize app screenshots 1Screenshots are not the most important factor affecting App Store Optimization, but they can decide whether potential users will download your app because they are eyes-catchers. Therefore, your app screenshots are leading the first impression on users, especially your first screenshot which has to resonate with and educate a potential user.

People often prefer to check screenshots than read description because they are much easier and straight for them to give a better idea of how the app actually is than its description.

How to optimize app screenshots?

After learning the importance of app screenshots, now read the following parts to learn how to optimize app screenshots to leave good impression on app users and increase app installs.

Show what your app does

The first type is actually a genuine screenshot of your app which will display app menu and main features. Use the first image to display your app’s best features. This assures potential users that the app is well designed and shows visitors what it will be like when they use your app.

It usually enables users to see exactly what they are going to experience. App screenshots are a real showcase of your app’s functions and strengths. You can also add a short tag line to give a bit more explanation than the screenshot itself.

Make the first 2 screenshot the most appealing

Make the first screenshot the most appealingAs a user, when we search something in App Store by entering keyword, it will show lists of various apps. Then we can see relevant app icon, title, ratings and the first two screenshots. As screenshots take a large place on the screen , they will catch more attention.

As a result, your app may benefit from optimizing the first two screenshots. The 2 screenshots should be relevant and describe what your app does and what it can bring to users.

About the image quantities, Apple apps can upload 5 screenshots while Google Play can be 8. All apps must upload one image at least, with the option to upload four/seven extra images. This is your space to convince visitors to download your app. If not uploading those four extra image, it is something like painting a picture with leaving four-fifths of the canvas blank.

Upload the correct size images for the devices which your app is compatible with. Always upload high-quality/high-definition JPG or PNG image. At the same time, it is usually challenging to choose which orientation is the best for your screenshots, portrait or landscape orientation images. Let us take Apple Store for example.

  • One Apple app can be downloaded on 3 devices;
  • On iPhone-the default orientation is portrait;
  • On desktop/iTunes-the default orientation is portrait;
  • On iPad-both landscape and portrait images are available.

Therefore, you need to take these into consideration when creating your app screenshots. Besides, you need to make clear that your users see compatible screenshots on their devices.

One screenshot means one feature

One screenshot means one featureAs mentioned in previous parts, first 2 screenshots are important and should show app features. It means one image shows one feature. In other words, choose the app best features and make a screenshot for each of them instead of all the information.

What can yo do if your app doesn’t have many features? Then please try different angles to display main features.

Localize app screenshots

If you are ready to market your app in various countries, it is important to upload different and easy understanding language screenshots. It would be a better and easier way to convince people in their mother tongue than a foreign language.

For example, if your initial target is the Spanish market but you are expanding your app to the USA without Spanish in your screenshots. Obviously, they won’t be understood.


Make the every step right to optimize apps. It is absolutely significant to optimize app screenshots before publishing apps in App Store. There are still many things we need to take into consideration. We will share you more App Store Optimization tips in following days.

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