How to Optimize iOS Apps to Get More Potential Users

If you know our business or view our blog, you should know we run App Store Optimization service to help app developers boost app keyword search ranking. We also developed many guides in our official blog to teach people how to optimize iOS apps. Today, we listed several guides on how to optimize iOS apps effectively. Now, read the following parts to learn detailed skills to optimize iOS app and get more potential users.

Identify your goal

optimize apps - identify targetIt is hard for developers to optimize iOS app on App Store. You need to make a list of your target audience and revenues at the first. Then, make sure that you are directing your efforts in the right place based on your goal. It is an essential step for iOS app developers to promote and market their apps, which can help them avoid making a mistake.

Make a great first impression

Every app is designed to be unique in what it does, how it does and who use it. To optimize iOS apps, the first step you need to do is to make a great first impression. The first impression includes your app icon, screenshot and preview video, these factors will lead the users to download your app or not directly. After the users installed your app, you have won in half of the battle. Also, your app first impression will decide whether people will become active users or they will immediately uninstall your app.

For good impression, a Welcome or Come Back message is necessary which will guide them to the app main features. Indeed, to achieve this goal, app store optimization is a method that most app developers have used and must to do. You can learn more details from this post we published before.

Create a good user experience

User experience is very important. When people feel it is not easy to use your app, they may uninstall it as long as they find any issues. Therefore, when you optimize iOS apps, you must optimize your user experience, ensuring your users will recommend your app to other people rather than uninstall your app. How?

Clarify your descriptionoptimize iOS apps - clarity description

App description aims at introducing your app to people in detail. It can drives users to learn about your app completely so that they would like to install your app. If your app has a clear and detailed description, it is easy for users to make a clarification of your apps’ function and main features. Also, a good description can improve the conversion rate and app ranking on App Store.

Get more positive reviews and high ratings

App reviews and ratings are the feedback of users after they used your app. If there are more positive reviews, it means that your app quality is high. If there are more negative reviews than positive reviews, it means that your app needs to be improved. There are some tips for optimizing reviews and ratings:

  • design pop-up to ask users to leave reviews and ratings
  • let your friends and relatives to install your app and review as well as rate it
  • put your app on some review sites
  • exchange reviews and ratings with other developers
  • response users’ reviews in time
  • incentivize users to give you positive reviews and high ratings
  • buy app reviews and ratings

Increasing app installs to boost app ranking

If you search one certain keyword in App Store, you will find the all top ranking apps have lots of installs. If you want to create a good experience, you have to boost your app ranking with effective methods. What should you do? Increasing app installs is the best method to boost app ranking, which also proves your app has high-quality and is worth installing for users.

Optimize apps on prices

optimize apps on pricesOf course, developers want to get money from their apps. It is natural to tag price of your app, so you may earn more revenues from each app install. Conversely, apps receive fewer installs when they increase in price, and free apps always get the most installs. Considering all these factors, you need to make a decision whether you will offer your app for free, earn money through in-app purchases, or offer your app for a one-time fee.

Your app type can help you pick up a model. According to our experience, most users would like to spend on in-app purchases for a game, so you can develop a game app to make money. Some social apps, like chat tool, is also a good type to use. In a word, you should create an app in terms of the needs of users, and then ensure the type of your app – free or paid. If it is free, you could pay attention to the IAP, subscription, time-limited free and other methods to earn increasing revenues.

Improve your app retention rate

The retention rate of an app depends on multiple factors. Developing a useful app for some targeted users is half of the app retention routine. Reminding your users how your app can improve their life is also very important. On the one hand, you should continue to develop new modes of user engagement, new functions and new features. On the other hand, you have to continuously promote your app with various methods. If you have already built up a stable user base, what you should do is to strengthen the users’ retention. What’s more, updating an app in time is an important step to improve the retention rate of your app, which is a process of repairing app bugs and add new factors so that improving the user experience.


Due to the increasing number of apps on App Store, publishers have to spend more time on optimizing iOS apps to get more potential users. We hope these app promotion skills can help you to build up a successful app. If you want to know more information about how to optimize iOS apps, please visit and contact professional ASO experts. Good luck!

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