How to Push Users to Download Your App In App Store

It is hard to get users after launching an app in App Store, so you need to know how to push users to download your app. If app wants to get users in App Store, the overall ranking and keyword ranking in App Store search results will make sense whether users will “View” it. And these details will lead users to download your app or not: app icon , screenshots , name, description, reviews and other visual display content.

Every aspect of optimization may significantly enhance the user conversion. Today, let us share you these 5 tips to push users to download your app.

How to Push Users to Download Your App

App icon reflects the core functionality

push users to download your app - optimize iconWhen users find the recommended page rankings in search results, the application icon often catches their eye in first sight . When app users do not understand the situation , but there is one reason to drive them to download this application: This looks like what I need . Therefore , if the core functionality of the product icon can tell the user its main purpose which will be able to seize the target users’ attention in just a few seconds more to attract them for information applications.

If the user is willing to spend time in understanding information on the application , it may take a step forward to downloading it.

App name shows main purpose

When selecting a name for an app, in addition to follow the rules: simple, understandable, and prominent brand, we also can try to join some of the application description in the application name. Once users see the application name, they know its function which will be more conducive to driving target users to learn more about the application or download applications.

Added function description in the application name, it is also very beneficial to the user when they search something in App Store search bar.

Focus on the first 3 lines description

When users view the application details page, most people can only see the top two or three lines of description (depending on the size of the phone screen). Therefore, the first 3 lines description should reflect the target users’ needs, and fully explain the contents of the product characteristics. It aims at seizing the attention of users and attracting them to learn more about the app information or downloading directly.

Title includes the most important keywords

push users to download your app - title includes keywordsWhen users browsing chart or view details of the application, they will focus on the application icon, application name, and will pay more attention to title keywords(approximately 2 lines). If the most important keywords are in the title of the head, it will be more conducive to push users to download your app.

In addition, the most important keywords in the title of the front, it is also very helpful in boosting app ranking in Apple Store.

Display the best screenshots on the front

Whether it is through the search results of the application information, or view application details, it can be automatically presented the user only 1 to 2 main screenshots. Display the screenshots which are most attractive and most represents the application in the front. So the targeted users will be able to see them at the first glance, but also very beneficial to drive the user to download.

Currently, App Store can upload 5 screenshots at most. We must take advantage of this position. If you miss one, you have less chance to attract potential users.


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