Top 10 App Store ASO Guides to Help You Get Better Ranking

ASO guides - App Store Optimization strategiesASO guides, or App Store Optimization strategies is a way of making sure that your app fulfills the app store criteria of ranking and as a result gets ranked at the top of search results. However, how do you boost your app’s discoverability in the app store? To help you boost your app ranking and installs here is a list of the top 10 ASO guides:

Understand Your Clients As Well As Your Competition

How well will you say you know your clients and competitors? A well thought out ASO strategy depends on understanding how your clients interact with your app as well as what your competitors think about the app.

Knowing your competition is important. It will enable you to find out which keywords are mostly being used by apps similar to yours. This will, in turn, help you decide whether or not to use these similar words or opt for different set keywords.

Choose the Right Title for Your App

Coming up with a unique app name is not only meant for branding but also for boosting your rankings. Using relevant keywords within your app title directly affects your ASO search result ranking. It was recently discovered that apps with relevant keywords within their titles ranked 10.3% higher compared to apps without.

App stores give approximately 255 characters for titles. This allows it should include plenty of key phrases or keywords. However, don’t just include any keyword that comes to your mind but rather take time and come up with keywords that best describe your app, after all, your app’s name will be the first impression to your potential mobile clients. Perhaps to guarantee your app’s easy discoverability consider keeping your app title short and sweet.

Maximize on Your Keywords

App store provides a 100-character field for keywords. It is these titles and whatever keyword phrases and keywords you included in this 100-character field that will be used by ASO guides to decide on which search results your app will show on. Therefore, with this in mind, it is crucial to make use of all the allotted 100 characters carefully. Research on which keywords for your apps to include so as you maximize on your organic traffic.

Come Up with A Compelling Description for Your App

ASO guides - app descriptionNow that you have already convinced app store that your app is relevant, it is now time to convince your potential mobile customers. Your app description should be based on your customer base instead of a search engine ranking. Describe what your app does in precise and simple language, list all the major unique features and benefits it offers and compels whoever is reading to want to download it.

Come Up with A Unique Icon

Since your potential customers will be going through a list of endless apps, your app’s visual icon will be the first impression they will come across, hence it is very important to make this count.

When creating your app’s icon ensure it meets the preset app store standards regarding size, color scheme and geometry.

Include Videos and Screenshots

Even though they might not affect your search rankings directly, screenshots and videos do drive downloads just like icons. Screenshots and videos show more about what actually your app is as it brings your app description part to life allowing your potential customers to imagine using the app even before they download and install it.

When uploading these screenshots or videos, make sure you just don’t upload any screenshot/video rather upload one that shows off your app’s most essential features such as latest updates and pages on which customers spent most of their time on. Skip out on the pretty splashy pages and rather show them what to expect with everyday use. perhaps a point to note; consider giving your screenshots/videos a test run to determine which one drives the most results.

Localize the App’s Listing

In the global market, a one-size-fits-all marketing approach doesn’t cut it. Nowadays more than 31% of app revenues come from foreign markets and a bigger percentage of these consumers prefer using their native language and because of this, it is always a good idea that app developers should be able to offer products and services that cater to these segments. To simply put it, in case your market goes beyond your regional geographic consider adapting your language and brand communication to the needs and wants of each market segment.

At the very least, speak interact with your clients in the language they normally use at home. There are several solutions for localization services such as translations and using screenshots to demonstrate.

Use Outside Promotion to Increase Traffic

ASO guides - SEOAt the end of the day, it is important to keep in mind that creating a homepage for your app is among the effective strategies to marketing your app. This is where Search Engine Optimization knowledge comes in. It is no secret that app store, as well as Google and other engines, use your app’s page visits when determining your overall search ranks. Hence the more traffic you will get to your app’s listing, the higher ranking your app will get on the search results list. To increase traffic, create a very attractive homepage to validate your app. Include relevant content, reviews, solicit with the press and social media as well as do online advertising.

Update Your App More Often

Mobile users prefer apps that seem to be constantly updated depending on their feedback. Updating your app constantly will make it visible to not only your customers but also app store itself. As a result, your app is likely to be top-ranked since it shows app store that you care about your customers. Moreover, updating your app more frequently directly impacts your rating since more often reviews tend to be more positive.

However updating is one thing. The challenge now comes when it is time to encourage your customers to download the new version. To help you sell this new version, try this;

Enticing your customers within the app such as using push notification, prominent display of the updating link on the homepage or a prompting note at login to notify them that a new updated version is available and the improvements and benefits it comes with.

Encourage Feedback and Ratings

ASO guides - rating for your appLast but not least, a continuous flow of positive feedback is very important for your app. Positive reviews validate your app’s quality and directly impacts your rankings.  This is one of the top ASO guides to boost your app ranking on app stores. App rating and ranking are correlated as compared to any other App Store Optimization factors and that app with many positive reviews ranked top on the search results.

It is no secret that app store optimization is a continuous process rather than a onetime thing. Because app store is competitive in nature and things are constantly evolving, your app’s ranking is likely to keep changing. Successful ASO guides require a keen eye, regular updates and an ability to analyze trends. Use these ASO guides and your app will succeed.


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